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Concentrate on the Positive, Not the Negative

Harrison Barnes
By Jun 02,2022
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In this article, Harrison explains how you should make the greatest of efforts to detach yourself from negative thoughts. You need to see the world and the people in it as happy, prosperous, and good. Like attracts like and you gain the power to become happy, prosperous, and good yourself. Harrison believes that the simplest way to evade negativity is to allow it to flow through you and go elsewhere. Consciously or unconsciously, you should not acknowledge the negativity. This is most probably the strongest possible reaction you can have and this could take you a long way in being successful. The ability to keep your mind focused on the positive will have far-reaching implications for your career and your life.

The most successful people concentrate almost exclusively on the positive and not the negative. In fact, the negative hardly influences them at all.

You need to see the world and the people in it as happy, prosperous, and good. Like attracts like. If you look for the negative, then negativity is what you will see. If you look for the positive, then positivity is what you will see.

I had an interesting discussion recently with Dr. Surendra Pokharna, an Indian physicist, as we toured some Jain temples in India. Dr. Pokharna said that most people are busy responding to the negative energy of others, and he believed this was quite prevalent in the United States. He is correct. Many people also spend a lot of their time sending out negative energy. Using an example from physics, Dr. Pokharna explained that every force of energy creates an equal and opposing reaction. Therefore, if you put out negativity to others, that energy is likely to come back from others in the form of their negative reaction to you. Similarly, if you receive negative energy from someone, you are likely to look for a means to put that negative energy back on him or her.

The things that happened in employment cases always amazed me when I was an attorney. Almost 99 percent of the time the person who’d been fired had done something to warrant it, and was also generally incompetent. Nevertheless, after being fired, the person filed a suit of some sort. In these cases, both sides are exchanging negative energy. The employer is angry over poor performance and fires the worker. The worker is angry over getting fired and comes back with a lawsuit. This is a simple case of negative energy being exchanged and manifesting itself as more negativity – equal and opposing reactions.

In my own experience, when someone has been fired, they typically lash out against their new employer, regardless of the circumstances, and quit within a year or two. In this case, the equal and opposing reactions have continued as the employee has attempted to move forward with a new job. The problem in this case, however, is the employee has moved forward physically, but is emotionally stuck in a negative place.

According to Dr. Pokharna, the best response to negative energy is to simply allow it to flow through you – and then go elsewhere. Do not react to the negative energy at all. This is the strongest possible reaction you can have. By not reacting on a conscious or unconscious level, you are not acknowledging or empowering the negativity.

Dr. Pokharna also said in the field of bio-physics, studies show people who think angry and negative thoughts can actually alter the paths of their neurons and the makeup of their brains. This may even affect them on the genetic level.

In order to be successful and to reach your maximum potential, the best thing you can do is allow the negativity of others to simply pass right through you. If you do not react, many times their negativity may actually come right back to them.

Negative energy is something we often try to meet with additional negative energy. You should instead concentrate on maintaining a clear mind at all times, and look for the positive in each personal interaction. The ability to keep your mind focused on the positive will have far-reaching implications for your career, and will benefit you greatly.


Make an effort to detach yourself from negative thoughts. When you view your surroundings as happy and prosperous, you attract these things to your own life, and the same also holds true for negativity. Maintaining a focused positive outlook can thus have deep implications for your life and career.

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29 Responses to “ Concentrate on the Positive, Not the Negative”
  1. Avatar Ron Barry says:

    Positively positive! Thank you for reminding me to reach for the half-full glass, for a change.

    http://www.facebook.com/ronaldbarry or possibly /ronbarry ?? Thanks again!


  2. I would like to apply ajob in your campany so please help me in advance.thank you
    I excpect your response is posetive.
    thank you in advance again.

  3. Avatar jim says:

    Actually Physics says that for a reaction – there will be an equal but OPPOSITE reaction. So if you are negative, you will attract POSITIVE energy. LOL

  4. Avatar shoumen says:

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  5. Avatar agnesmaria says:

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  6. Avatar Gaurav says:

    In today’s world, negativity has become almost a norm. People tend to go with it effortlessly. In such atmosphere, being positive requires lots of effort just like swimming against the current. But wisdom tells that one should resist negativity and remain positive for it is positivity that gives one true peace of mind and contentment.

  7. Avatar rowshon says:

    To become success in life we should have to think positively and negativity must be avoided.To reach maximum potential,we have to allow the negativity of others to simply pass.Thus Harrison Barnes Reviews is the best way to find new jobs through career advice to choose the expected jobs for life.

    • Avatar Monica says:

      Nice read, I just passed this onto a coalulgee who was doing some research on that. And he actually bought me lunch since I found it for him smile Thus let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch! Never let inexperience get in the way of ambition. by Terry Josephson.

  8. Avatar shoumen says:

    Harrison believes that the best stories typically revolve around the employee being very motivated to do a good job and continually wanting to improve in his or her employment. A Harrison Barnes Employment Crossing believes that the best stories typically revolve around the employee being very motivated to do a good job and continually wanting to improve in his or her employment.

  9. Avatar shoumen says:

    Harrison Barnes did not gain this reputation overnight. He has worked for it tirelessly for years. In the process he has also benefited himself and tens of thousands of job seekers spread all across the globe. This website is giving the people advice. A website is advice is law related jobs. He walks his talk and has promoted many job search sites which are very effective and have gained leading position all over the world.

  10. Avatar ikram says:

    Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. Hence, if one puts out negativity to others, that energy is likely to come back from others in the form of their negative reaction to him/her.So,we always think positives about others.

  11. Avatar Razib Hasan says:

    One should pass through the negativity of others. If you do such react, many times their positivenesses will also come right back to you.Then you will be successful and reach your maximum potential.

  12. Avatar Hasan says:

    If one receives negative energy from someone, then he likely to put that negative energy back on them.But in such way none can be successful and reach your maximum potential. So everybody should think positives of each other.

  13. Avatar wincy says:

    I like this article very much…because i learn lots of thinks about this story….In Newton third law every action has an reaction is mostly suitable for this

  14. Avatar wincy says:

    i agree this article ….very much…because everyone would think positive…because think positive and got back …i refer that story for my friends…

  15. Avatar agnesmaria says:

    Now a day most of the jobs articles are released for search the jobs. A Harrison Barnes is the best article. This site contains the more of the new jobs. Thank you.

  16. Avatar agnesmaria says:

    A Harrison Barnes is gives the good opportunity for all job seekers. It is the best for other job sites. It contains the more of the job openings. Thanks.

  17. Avatar anne says:

    I am feel very happy to read this article..harrisonbarnes thought is think positve..i like very much…your dream will come true…so “think positive”…is nice

  18. Avatar Michelle Simard says:

    Again, another great article Harrison. I actually look forward to reading whats next.

  19. Avatar kavya says:

    The article written by Harrison Barnes was really nice.It instructs that in order to be successful and to reach our maximum potential, the best thing we can do is allow the negativity of others.This is amazing one.

  20. Avatar Sarah says:

    This is true. I had an enraged boss for 3 years. Everyone would tell me to fight back!!! They were wrong, because whenever I did this, it was simply adding more fuel (negative energy) to the fire, and she would get even worse. The best solution for dealing with an enraged boss was for me to quell the potential argument, and let the negative energy pass. By the way, she never fired me, nor initiated any kind of discipline against me. She couldn’t. I was very competent at what I did.

  21. Avatar motleytrout says:

    I agree…in fact I’ve recently been studying the most recent brain research that tries to model how the brain stores the concept of a “relationship” with another person. Great support is emerging for the idea that the people we interact with impact the biochemistry of our brain as we wire neural pathways to represent our experiences with them…

  22. Avatar newreader says:

    Just found this website, and Mr. Barnes’ posts. Wonderful!

    I must be in the 1% of people fired–by the owner of the company–that “didn’t deserve it” (according to my co-workers/bosses). I live in a “work at will” state, what can I say?

    Mr. Barnes is so right–people carry around all this negativity from these situations, and it can’t help but not only put off prospective employers, but also make yourself miserable. Anger is the crack cocaine of emotions–not an original thought with me, but bears repeating. Let it go! SO much easier to see possibilities and potential win-win situations if you’re not clogging up your perspective with gloom/doom/anger.

  23. Avatar K.A. Lewis says:

    I am new to Law Crossing. I was basically fired from my job when I got a bad evaluation. I filed an EEO complaint and a settlement was reached however, I could no longer stay at my job. I was there for four years and received three evaluations. My first two evaluations were very good. It was a very negative situation. I really didn’t like what I was doing because my work was more administrative than legal. I wanted to leave, however, I also liked making a six figure salary. I have been struggling with forgiving the people who were involved in my firing. I also need to forgive myself for my part in the firing. I am basically an optimistic person and the situation caused a great deal of distress in my life. Now I am no longer employed and looking for my ideal dream job. I believe I will find it. With the job I lost, I took it because I was really wanting to get into the federal government but for my skill set it wasn’t really challenging. I now realize that I have to let the negativity of the situation pass through me so that I can move on emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically to something better. Thanks.

  24. Avatar Sabrina says:

    Very helpful advice! In my situation, it doesn’t just apply to the job but outside of it. I have family members who thrive on negativity. Usually I tend to fight back against it instead of letting it flow within me. I’ll try to do that next time. In the meantime, I usually walk away from such things!

  25. Avatar Sam Anson says:

    Mr. Barnes, I really enjoy the Newsletters you publish, they have a lot practical wisdom that one can use imediately. Is there a web site I can refer to that enumerates past issues of your newsletter. There are some I may have missed. Keep up the inspirational writing!

    Sam Anson

  26. Avatar jack says:

    After research just a few of the blog posts on your website now, and I actually like your manner of blogging. I bookmarked it to my bookmark website listing and can be checking back soon. Pls check out my website as effectively and let me know what you think.

  27. Great advice – I believe once you start thinking positively, good things will happen. You’ll also be in a better mood to handle everything the day throws at you!

  28. Avatar Cheryl says:

    This article is a “game changer.” It will change my life. When you state one should “let the negative energy flow through you” and just ignore it. Focus only on the positives, this is something so pure and obviously right. Yet, I never thought of this approach to the negative energy and hostility I (as an attorney of color in New York) sometimes encounter. This “refocus” will be my approach from now on. Thank you!!!

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