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Concentrate on Your Product

By on Nov 13,2018

Knowing your product is crucial to your career and life. Just as you must have a clear sense of your own product, you must seek companies with a strong sense of their products. Random products, or lack of focus on the right product, can be disastrous for businesses and individuals alike. You must no

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Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Suffering and Your Career

By on Nov 12,2018

There are many different types of suffering that it is important to balance in your life. Physical, psychological, and spiritual suffering are all interconnected, and you must balance them so that you do not experience any one in greater proportion to the others; balancing the suffering in your life

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Noah, Floods, Creative Destruction and Your Career

By on Nov 03,2018

Change is the most beneficial thing that can happen to you; starting from scratch gives you the opportunity rebuild your life and career in the manner you see fit. You must find where there is upward movement and opportunities are being created, and ensure that your own structures and ways of operat

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Give People What They Want

By on Oct 31,2018

You need to provide people what they want, otherwise you will not have a job. Although they might not always be the most desirable kinds of jobs, certain jobs always exist because they provide services that people will always require. The only secret to continual employment is to provide a service t

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How to Be a Good Manager

By on Oct 12,2018

When a company can no longer survive, all of its jobs disappear; a good manager’s job, then, is to ensure the company’s survival. As a good manager, you need to truly be on the side of the company and dedicated to its continuance; the more the company succeeds, the more you will grow along with

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You Need to Offer Hope

By on Sep 25,2018

In his article, Harrison talks about how hope is the element central to most of our circumstances. We may buy medicines to heal a particular physical problem, but what we are actually buying is hope; the hope that we will get better after using that medicine. It works in much the same way for job se

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Do Not Ever Be Afraid to Broadcast Your Value

By on Sep 22,2018

You need to constantly broadcast your value in your current job; make sure that your bosses are aware of what you are doing and the value you are providing them. Your supervisor or potential employer wants to know what you bring to their organization. In order to accomplish this, work behind the sce

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Bad Dancing, Submitting, and Surrendering

By on Sep 17,2018

You must surrender to your profession, doing work with which you are comfortable and in which you are interested. Conversely, you have submitted to a job in which you are uncomfortable and which does not conform to your values; nobody thrives in such a situation, and such a job is unlikely to advanc

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Feral Children, Puzzles, Jews, and Filters

By on Sep 15,2018

The quality of your life is not determined by your job, city, or lifestyle, but rather by the filters through which you experience these things. These filters shape everything in your life, and influence your life and career for better or worse. How you use these filters are the most important facto

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Froth, Downward Wages, and the Importance of Repeat Business

By on Sep 07,2018

When you give your employer a good value, they will be motivated to keep you even in the lean times. Nothing is more important to your career than making sure your employer is satisfied with your work, which will make them likely to use you over and over again. Working for companies where there is a

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Look at Your Job (or the Job You Are Seeking) from Your Employer’s Point of View

By on Oct 19,2018

Businesses who understand what their clients want, rather than what they presume their clients want, tend to perform much better than their competitors. You must view your service from your client’s point of view. In a job search you must view your potential employers as customer. You must find out what is important to your employer or interviewer, and you will stand out in your job search.

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