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The Importance of Asking the Right Questions, Self-Improvement, and Perception

By on Jan 09,2019

Your perceptions of the world determine your reactions, and your reactions in turn determine your destiny. External factors do not dictate your life and destiny so much as your response to them, which is usually dictates by your emotional state. You must challenge yourself to make the best use of di

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Pay Attention to the Details

By on Jan 08,2019

The most successful people are often obsessed with and are incredibly knowledgeable about the minutiae of their work. You must concentrate and develop an understanding of the details that others “gloss over” for true happiness and success in your job. When looking for a job, you will find greate

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Trust Your Intuition in Your Career and Life

By on Dec 21,2018

Many people have intuitions about areas in which they would like to improve or things that they would like to avoid. Your intuition is usually correct, and trusting it can help you avoid bad things that might befall others who ignore their intuition. People are all aware, on some level, of the thing

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Relationships, Commodities, and Making Connections

By on Dec 19,2018

When you are a commodity, you can be replaced on a whim and have no value beyond anyone else in the market. Do something that differentiates you from others. When you are unique, you are no longer someone whom employers can easily find on the open market and your value will increase. Establish yours

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Karma, Universal Laws, and Your Career

By on Dec 17,2018

Karma, or the universal idea that you reap what you so, governs your career and your life; the karma that you create in the world determine most of the events in your life. Understanding and accepting this universal law empowers you to take control of your life, because you directly control what hap

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Ducks, Semi Trucks, Upscale Doctors’ Offices, and Your Destiny

By on Dec 14,2018

Do something that comes naturally to you; if you feel there is something wrong in your life or career, it is probably because you are engaged in work that does not come naturally to you.. No matter what your interests, there is work out there at which you would excel and with which you would be comf

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Take Incremental Steps

By on Dec 04,2018

The best way to attain your goal is through small, incremental steps on which you can build. Establish a routine, and make sure you are consistently working towards some kind of goal. Start small, and always build upon what you have done before. Most people fail to achieve their goals because they b

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The Most Valuable Work Is Work That Repeats Itself

By on Nov 29,2018

Repeat work is always more valuable to you than one-offs, however well-paid they may be. Companies succeed or fail depending on their ability to generate repeat business. Repeat work grants you more options and control over your life and actions. Even work with a lower salary, which might not initia

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Self-Help Means Helping Others

By on Nov 28,2018

True self-improvement actually has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with helping others towards their goals. Remember that nothing you do in your life is ultimately about you. Your goals and aspirations must be larger and greater than focusing solely on what you want; helping others will

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The Importance of Sacrifice to Our Careers

By on Nov 20,2018

You must constantly be sacrificing in order to ensure advancement in your life. You will always be called upon to make sacrifices in your life and career, and you must do so in order to grow. Take your job and career seriously, and remember that the work you do is sacred. The more you appreciate you

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The Dangers of Getting Jobs Through Friends

By on Nov 23,2018

Despite the obvious advantages, getting jobs through a friend or relative may ultimately harm you. When you do so, you risk lowering your colleagues’ opinions of you, who may see your connections as evidence that you lack the skills to get your position on your own merits. Nonetheless, there are situations in which it is acceptable to take advantage of such connections, but you must be on your guard; make sure that the job you get is a good fit, and one in which you would perform well regardless of your connections.

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