West Virginia Nonprofit Jobs

West Virginia Nonprofit Jobs

  • West Virginia University Foundation, Inc. – Morgantown, WV
  • The Marshall University Foundation – Huntington, WV
  • The Tech Foundation Inc – Montgomery, WV
  • The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation – Charleston, WV
  • The Lloyd Foundation Inc – Parkersburg, WV
  • Metropolitan Community Development Corporation Inc. – Charleston, WV
  • Greater Morgantown Community Trust – Morgantown, WV
  • D’Annunzio Foundation Inc – Clarksburg, WV
  • Logos Ceremonies – Five Forks, WV
  • WV Foundation For Rape Informa – Beckley, WV
  • DREAMTANK, INC. – Charleston, WV
  • Afb Headquarters – Huntington, WV
  • Foundation For Tri State Community – Huntington, WV
  • C L Christ Charitable Trust – Wheeling, WV
  • Guyandotte Community Projects Program – Huntington, WV
  • The Starlena Pratt Foundation – Charleston, WV
  • Foundation For Children, Families, and Communities of West Virginia Inc – Clarksburg, WV
  • The Neighboring Initiative Charitable Trust – Huntington, WV
  • Applachian Community Care Inc – Moatsville, WV

Job Market

Why Aren’t There More American Day Laborers, Doctors, Engineers and Textile Workers?

By on Apr 19,2023

In this article Harrison explains the economic rule which says - your rewards will be in direct proportion to the value you provide. In your career if you are not providing enough value, the rule will catch up with you sooner or later. In contrast, if you are providing more value than you receive you will probably have a very good career. Companies that provide more value than they receive for their products generally end up flourishing. Companies that provide very little value generally end up going out of business. The law of economics that is always operating in the background is that you always need to give more than you take and be prepared to give.

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