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The Career Transformation System

Training Session 1: Your Mindset Is What Matters in Your Job Search
  • Day 1 : Employers Want to Hire You
  • Day 2 : The Graduate, Andrew Carnegie, and Finding Positive Economic Currents
  • Day 3 : Go Beneath the Surface to Find a Job
  • Day 4 : In Defense of Long-Term Employment with a Single Employer
  • Day 5 : Marketing Yourself-Who, What, and How
  • Day 6 : Always Be Willing to Readjust
  • Day 7 : The Secret Career Tactic of "Lock In"
  • Day 8 : Find the Best Target Audience for Your Skills
  • Day 9 : Choose an Employer Who Is Marching Forward
  • Day 10: You Will Succeed in Your Job and Job Search When You Are Concerned With Giving and Not Taking
Training Session 2: How to Find Jobs
  • Day 11: Getting Referrals from Powerful People (We All Know Someone)
  • Day 12: Informal Networks and Referrals
  • Day 13: How to Find Government Jobs
  • Day 14: How to Find Public Interest Jobs and Nonprofit Jobs
  • Day 15: How to Find Teaching Jobs, Education Jobs and School Jobs
  • Day 16: How to Get Hired Where There Is Not Even an Opening
  • Day 17: How to Use Newspaper Classified Ads and Newspaper Help Wanted Ads to Look for Jobs
  • Day 18: How to Use Social Networking, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter in Your Job Search
  • Day 19: Nonprofit Jobs
  • Day 20: How to Choose a Recruiter Based on Recruiting Style
  • Day 22: List of Job Search Sites and How to Find Job Sites
Training Session 3: Your Application Materials
  • Day 24: A Short Course on Cover Letters
  • Day 25: Resume How To
Training Session 4: Interviews and the Rules of Interviewing
  • Day 26: Always Interview on Fridays
  • Day 27: How to Talk About Other Interviews in Your Interviews
  • Day 28: The Five Musts of Interviewing
  • Day 29: Relationships, Commodities, and Making Connections
  • Day 30: Keep it Simple Stupid: Confessions of a Bad Interviewer
  • Day 31: The Best Way to Prepare for a Job Search and Interviews
  • Day 32: How to Explain "Job Hopping"
  • Day 33:The Foot-in-the-Door Phenomenon and Your Job Search
Training Session 5: How to Negotiate Offers
  • Day 34: Everything is Negotiable
Training Session 6: Strategies for on the Job Success
  • Day 35: If My Boss Gets Mad at Me or I Get a Poor Review, Does This Mean I Should Look for a New Job?
  • Day 36: If You Want to Earn More, You Need to Be Worth More
  • Day 37: Over Deliver Because It Is Not About You
  • Day 38: Why You Should Never Miss a Company Holiday Party or Invitation to Your Boss's Home
  • Day 39: Lessons of Stars: How to be a Star in Your Life and Career
  • Day 40: The Focus of the Group You Are in Determines the Kind of Person You Become
  • Day 41: Our Habits Determine the Outcome of Our Lives
  • Day 42: Pay Attention to the Details
  • Day 43: Protect Your Reputation At All Costs
  • Day 44: Your Job Search and Future Prospects Will Be Determined by the Company You Keep
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