Attorney Job Secrets Revealed

Attorney Job Search Secrets Revealed is a compilation of articles by A. Harrison Barnes, the founder of BCG Attorney Search. Known as the leading U.S. legal recruiting firm, BCG Attorney Search addresses the importance of a well-planned career path and provides instruction and direction on efficient career planning methods that will result in a rewarding legal career.

Exploring the inner workings of the legal profession, addressing topics of importance to law school students, novice and seasoned attorneys, the compilation of articles in this e-book do more than merely assist attorneys in finding jobs. These articles help guide attorneys in the process of developing satisfying and fulfilling careers. Attorneys at all levels, and in all legal fields, will benefit from the information on recruiting services, resume development, networking, handling job changes and lateral moves.

Attorney Resume Secrets Revealed

Attorney Resume Secrets Revealed is a publication of the well-known resume writing company, Attorney Resume. This e-book delves into the intricacies involved in writing effective resumes for attorneys and legal professionals. Due to the critical role that resumes and cover letters play in the job-hunting process, this e-book is essential reading material. Helping guide job seekers through each step of the resume writing process, this e-book provides valuable insight from beginning to end.

This e-book does more than provide basic resume and cover letter layout and formatting. The information educates job seekers on the methods of marketing themselves employers, presenting them with the opportunity and ability to create a dynamic resume and land their ultimate dream job.

BCG Attorney Search Reference Guide to Legal Practice Areas

The BCG Attorney Search Reference Guide to Legal Practice Areas is an e-book produced by BCG Attorney Search, one of the most selective legal recruiting firms in the nation. This e-book identifies and describes the intricacies of the current top 10 legal practice areas and is an extremely valuable tool for legal recruiters, recruiting coordinators, attorneys and law students.

This e-book provides indispensable information about the details of working in a top 10 legal practice area, offering an inside peek into bankruptcy, banking and finance, corporate practice, intellectual property, litigation, real estate, intellectual property litigation, labor and employment, reinsurance and tax law.

Finding a Dream Job in a Nightmare Economy (Up The Ladder in a Down Economy)

Finding a Dream Job in a Nightmare Economy is the first e-book in a series of career education e-books titled Up the Ladder in a Down Economy. This motivational and practical guide for jobseekers trudging through this less than ideal job market, helps jobseekers identify what steps they need to take to find a job during tough economic times. This e-book takes readers through a reflective process to help determine what their dream job is and how they can realize that dream. It very aptly highlights the importance of having a positive state of mind, which leads to finding both career happiness and success.

Keeping Your Job When Everybody Else is Losing Theirs (Up The Ladder in a Down Economy)

The current economic climate provides little job security for the average person; however, there are certain steps that people can take to make the best of a bad situation. Keeping Your Job When Everybody Else is Losing Theirs is an e-book geared towards explaining how to keep hold of a job amidst massive layoffs and cuts. It highlights how to effectively distance oneself from coworkers and how to guarantee job security by constantly showing your employer your value as an employee.

Law Crossing’s Career Advice Revealed Part I

LawCrossing’s Career Advice Revealed Part I is an e-book by LawCrossing, America’s leading legal job board. Providing expert tips and guidance to young and seasoned attorneys throughout all aspects of their careers, this guide not only provides information on how to keep a legal career on track but offers direction on how to choose the preeminent career path.

Whether someone is looking for his/her first legal job after law school, reevaluating his/her career path, or taking his/her career to the next level, this e-book has the information jobseekers need to master current industry trends and land the ultimate dream job.

LawCrossing’s Career Advice Revealed Part II

LawCrossing’s Career Advice Revealed Part II is the sequel to the largely successful LawCrossing’s Career Advice Revealed Part I. After the success of the first e-book, LawCrossing collectively decided to continue providing tips and advice to attorneys all over the world. This career advice is simply, yet logical written and compiled in an approachable format.

Laden with articles highlighting the best action plans throughout all stages of legal careers, this advice guide remains relevant throughout the cyclical ebbs and flows of the legal industry. This e-book has jobseekers covered from the commencement of their legal career, to the later, more mature years of their career where viability within the fast-paced technology-driven legal marketplace may become a concern.

LawCrossing’s Guide to Alternative Careers

LawCrossing’s Guide to Alternative Careers is a necessary read for any recent law school graduate and any attorney contemplating a career change. Attending law school and receiving a J.D. is a major feat that often times goes hand-in-hand with student loans. Therefore, for many recent graduates and attorneys interested in a career change, the ability to earn a substantial salary is important. With that in mind, this guide catalogs a wide range of career paths, including those open to jobseekers with legal training and education, providing a detailed description of career options, ranging from nonprofit services to private ventures.

Resume Truths: 12 Important Articles to Perfect Your Resume

Despite a jobseeker’s qualifications, there is no denying the fact that the current job marketplace is a less than hospitable environment. The professionals at MarketingCrossing have compiled a series of articles into an e-book, 12 Important Articles to Perfect Your Resume – Resume Truths, that will help jobseekers navigate the waters of this difficult job market.

First impressions are crucial to a jobseeker’s success, and generally, the first impression an employer has of a jobseeker is from his/her resume. A powerful performance-based resume and cover letter will get a foot in the door and land an all-important interview. To obtain an interview, however, a jobseeker needs to produce the best resume and cover letter in order to set him/her apart from the crowd. A vital marketing tool, a resume and cover letter can effectively yield positive marketing results.

The Perfect Legal Job Search Book

The Perfect Legal Job Search is an e-book geared towards streamlining and enlivening the legal job search process. With over a decade of experience helping legal professionals find their dream jobs, Legal Authority has compiled countless useful job search tips in this easy-to-read guide. Highlighting common mistakes and pitfalls encountered by attorneys when conducting legal job searches, this guide focuses on helping jobseekers stand out and be noticed by the right people

The Advertising Career Guide

The Advertising Career Guide is a compilation of 20 articles written by the zenith tier of advertising experts. The articles are relevant, effective tools for developing a top-notch legal advertising crusade.

To effectively highlight the best way to develop and implement an advertising campaign, The Advertising Career Guide discusses topics ranging from mistakes made in advertising, netting a return on advertising investments, strategies to help design an effective online campaign, how to launch new products, promotional items and creating clever campaigns with zing.

The Architecture Career Guide

The Architecture Career Guide, by ArchitectureCrossing, provides readers with an assortment of articles written by professional architects. Exploring beyond traditional study topics, this guide focuses on areas of importance to both practicing architects and those seeking to break into the industry. Examining the fields influenced by architects, it explores the subjects of landscaping, historical building preservation, beautification and environmental undertakings.

The field of architecture projects a 16-percent increase from 2008 to 2018, making it an ideal career path for talented young professionals. The Architecture Career Guide provides information on professional degrees, courses, training standards and required examinations for practicing architects.

The BCG Attorney Search Guide to America’s Top 50 Law Schools

The BCG Attorney Search Guide to America’s Top 50 Law Schools is an annual publication produced by BCG Attorney Search, widely regarded as the most discerning attorney recruitment firm in the nation. Largely based on the rankings provided by U.S. News & World Report, the guide gives insight into the individual components used to determine these elite rankings.

Offering thorough and accurate information on each school, compiled from a number of different sources, including law students, faculty, admissions offices, the NALP directory and the ABA-LSAC Official Guide to Approved Law Schools, this is the only reference guide that offers the most current information.

The Psychology of Success (Up The Ladder in A Down Economy)

The Psychology of Success, the third book in the Up the Ladder in a Down Economy series, is by Harrison Barnes, the founder and CEO of the Employment Research Institute. Functioning as a career guide and providing valuable information on achieving and maintaining career success in an ailing economy, this book is geared toward the legal field, but provides relevant and invaluable advice for all career paths.

Exploring the common behavior that people unknowingly exercise to sabotage their own success, this e-book addresses methods for recognizing and overcoming these poisonous behaviors and patterns. Focusing on the dangers of allowing negativity to dictate career choices, this guide teaches the benefits of positive thought. In order for one’s career to progress, it is crucial to have inner faith and confidence. Many people are casualties of self-doubt and fall into a pattern of caring what other people think, rather than trusting themselves. This e-book provides guidance on maintaining a positive outlook and seeks to help people develop a personal satisfaction that extends into their professional lives.

Truth or Consequences (Up The Ladder in A Down Economy)

Truth or Consequences, the fourth book in the Up the Ladder in a Down Economy series by Harrison Barnes, the founder and CEO of Employment Research Institute, is a career advancement guide that discusses a broad range of issues in today’s anemic economy. This guide offers valuable advice for individuals in all career stages, from job candidates to seasoned professionals.

Communication is crucial in any career, but many fail to communicate effectively in their work environments. This instructional guide provides how-to advice for communicating with an employer, examining how the successful development of communication skills leads to a rewarding relationship of trust between employer and employee. Going beyond verbal communication, this guide also explores the actions and behaviors that can either ascertain or annihilate employee credibility.

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King Henry II and Understanding Your Employer

By on Nov 06,2023

In this article Harrison discusses the importance of listening to, and understanding the other side’s point of view. Harrison feels that a lot of the economic crisis in the country is because people fail to understand one another. The biggest problems why businesses fail is that people want things to be in a certain way and are afraid to listen to what needs to be done to change this. People often assume they know what someone else needs or what they are entitled to. People do this without having any information whatsoever about where the other person is coming from. This never works. Harrison concludes that the most important thing you can often do to keep a job, get a job, and more is take the time to listen and ensure you understand the other person’s point of view.

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