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Q & A Product Liability

Q. What is product liability?

A. If a consumer dies or gets injured from using a product that is labeled due to poor design or manufacture, a product liability suit can be filed. The product liability law holds accountable retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers for produce of products that cause harm to consumers.

Q. Is there any difference between a manufacturing fault, and a design fault?

A. Defects in design usually occur in the formal stages of planning a product’s creation, while a manufacturing fault takes place during a product’s production. Defects in design are usually an outcome of most products that are made. A good example is a chair with three legs. Such a chair offers great risk to users, and as such it would be said to have a design defect. On the other hand, a manufacturing fault usually affects a part of the inventory. A product that has been designed well may be made poorly and thus be a risk to its users.

Q. What does the term lack of warning mean?

A. Companies that make products are supposed to warn consumers of the all risks that are gotten from using a product, and the consequences of using it. Product makers are also supposed to advise a consumer on the best way to avoid the risk.

Q. Are there specific products that can cause injury to a consumer?

A. All products can be defective. Common examples of products that have led to injury among consumers include children’s toys, prescription drugs, and auto parts, cleaning items used in homes, baby products, household electronics, medical devices, beauty products, apparel, power tools, and furniture.

Q. In a product liability suit, what damages can I get?

A. Victims who have been hurt are eligible to get compensated for all injuries sustained. But for one to get compensated, a product liability suit needs to be filed. In the lawsuit, the victim who has been injured is supposed to show that the said product’s make, design, and its marketing was responsible or contributed to the victim’s injury. If Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation product liability attorneys do not help, an individual may find it hard to get compensated. We have gotten more than $100 million in damages and verdicts.

Q. Is there a time limit as to when I need to file a suit?

A. Product liability suits in Malibu are dependent on statute limitations. This is the period provided when a person can file a suit. The time frame usually varies from state to state, but generally the time period given is normally around two years. If a suit is filed after the time limitation, they will not be eligible for compensation.

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