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Product Recall

The Consumer Commission (CPSC) and FDA usually issue product recalls for various products every year due to the hazards that are associated with the use of the faulty product. Most products recalls are not usually issued at once after they hit the market, since investigating these products in the market can take many years. Furthermore, after a recall has been issued only 30% of all products are usually returned, meaning that a large number of faulty products are left in the market. In the US, 27,000 deaths each year are attributed to the use of defective products.

In case, you have been hurt by a faulty product, get in touch with our recall lawyer in Malibu in Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation law firm and protect your rights. All US citizens are entitled to use safe items, and we will make sure that the makers of these products are held accountable if they release faulty products to the market. If we work together we can be able to send a message to all manufacturers that they will not make profits over putting the life of consumers at risk.

There are many products that can be recalled due to errors in design and creation. Toys for children make one of the largest percentages of all recalls in products and include items such as swings, clothing, car seats, shoes, strollers, bassinets, cribs, bikes, baby walkers, and even jewelry. The CPSC puts the number of children who are injured every year at 220,000 and the main causes are dangerous toys. The brains and bodies of children who are developing are usually at risk of poisoning from various chemicals such as cadmium and lead, and if they are in high quantities can lead to liver damage, anemia, and kidney damage.

When a product has been recalled, you should discontinue use of the product at once. In fact, you need to take steps to get the product away from your home. If the product has already caused injury, you need to get medical attention immediately so that further damage can be prevented. However, when medical attention has been sought, you can then seek advice from Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation product liability attorneys. We use the latest technology, experts and specialists to determine if a product is really dangerous and how it caused the injury in the first place. After this, we will then pursue the case with all our resources and make sure that you get compensation for all the pain you went through. We will also get damages for medical bills, scarring, lost wages, and even future medical bills.

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