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Product Liability Injury

Using products that are designed in the wrong manner, created incorrectly, or labeled in the wrong manner can lead to grave injuries on a consumer. Most consumers usually assume that when they buy something that it has been approved and that it is safe to use. However, most manufacturing firms today are simply ignoring product safety so that they can make massive profits.

If a family member or even your child has suffered a grave injury due to a faulty product you can seek the advice of personal injury attorney from Malibu who may tell you all about liability law. This is an area of law that holds accountable product makers in case death or injuries are caused by their products. Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation lawyers are able to offer you legal advice on whether filing a suit would be best for you. If you choose to press ahead with the suit, we can make sure that we offer you the best legal aid. We have a proven track record of offering high quality legal service.

Direct flames, toxic chemicals, and electricity can cause burn injuries. Serious burns can even lead to damage of tissues, skin, bone, and even muscles. The skin normally protects one’s body against infection and when a break on the skin occurs, the risk of getting infected in the body as well as the area where the break took place increases exponentially. Electrical burns can destroy the muscles, nerves, and trigger the release of chemicals that may harm the body. Electrolyte imbalance, kidney damage as well as shock are some of the complications that burns may cause in the body.

When a bone breaks, it can be really painful especially if the bone gapes out of the skin, creating a wound that is open. Bone fractures are usually stabilized with pins, plates, wires, or casts depending on the seriousness of the break. However, compound fractures are generally serious and take more time to heal.

Food poisoning can be dangerous and may even lead to death. Various bacteria like Botulism, Listeria, Salmonella and E.Coli can lead to fever, diarrhea, weakness, chills and abdominal cramping. Therefore, most food poisoning treatments are usually aimed at hydrating the body.

Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation product liability attorneys in Malibu commit to win all cases. Our team uses all resources that they have to ensure that all cases that we take yield the right result; full and just compensation. If you want to see proof of our expertise, you can check out our case files and see the compensation that we have gotten previous clients.  The compensation usually covers pain, medical bills, lost wages, loss of quality of life, and mental anguish.

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