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Fuel Tank Fire Claims

Gas tanks are an important part of a car. They vary in size, positioning and even complexity in a car, and because they hold a highly flammable liquid, their designs in the car need to be unique so that both drivers and passengers may be protected. Therefore, vehicle manufacturers need to ensure that the design of the gas tanks in all their cars is safe. They need to show that its design will not lead to injuries for the driver or anyone else within the confines of the vehicle.

When a new car is being designed and created, the manufacturers need to make sure that they adhere to certain standards so that their cars are safe. Although cars in the market should not have defects, if they do, the manufacturers should inform all consumers of this fact, and also deal with the problem. But at times, a flaw in a vehicle such as a problem in the fuel tank can lead to fatal accidents before a recall of that car is issued.

If a gas tank explosion occurs and leads to severe injury or death, and the accident occurred due to a fault in the gas tank, then the injured parties can seek compensation from the negligent auto manufacturer. People who get hurt in gas tanks that have exploded can suffer life changing injuries, and more often than not, they usually need long term care as well as therapy so that they can recover.

Hospital bills may also add to the woes of the victim since they usually pile up, and the savings that one had may end dissipating due to the never ending bills. However, if the accident was not the cause of the auto manufacturer, and could have been prevented, a victim can still get compensated. Nevertheless, if insurance adjusters come to pay you, you need to make sure that you don’t take their money until you talk to an auto liability product lawyer from Los Angeles. This is because the insurance adjuster will have done their job if they pay you as little possible, since they do not care about you. It is also important that you do not fall for the figure that they dangle, since it is small compared to what you could receive in compensation.

The money that you get from damages in a suit is not able to wipe out all the pain and trauma that you underwent. But lawyers from Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation can ensure that you get the most appropriate compensation amount so that you can move on with your life, and try to restore it to what it used to be.

The Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation law firm will use all means possible to ensure that you get a settlement that favors you. If you are a victim of a gas tank that has exploded, and you are certain that the auto manufacturer was negligent, then call us today and learn all you can about the legal choices you have. Our consultations are free, so you don’t have to worry about paying a dime to talk to us about your case.

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