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Defective Motorcycle Accident

Buying a motorcycle is a big decision. The last thing a captain, a lieutenant, or a rider expects is to purchase a bike that is not safe and causes serious injury. All riders will statistically face additional risk, but no rider should be injured due to a negligent manufacturer.

In the event, you were injured in an accident caused by a defective motorcycle or part, you may have the right to recover financially. At Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation, our attorneys will listen. We will determine the cause of the accident, and whether to seek financial compensation due to negligent manufacturing. Our attorneys are available to represent motorcycle accidents caused by any of the following defects and more: chain failure, brake failure, tire failure, defective clips, defective shock absorbers, defective handbrakes, defective toe pedals, poor dealer assembly, defective fuel intake, defective wiring, shock throttles, and other mechanical failures.

Types of Injuries

We are prepared to help you seek financial compensation for a variety of injuries caused by a defective motorcycle. Riders may suffer from any of the following injuries: back injury, neck injury, head injury, concussions, loss of capacity, loss of limb, scrapes, road rash, burns, internal injuries, broken or crushed bones, factures, or wrongful death.

Who is Liable?

The injured motorcyclist must prove the accident was caused by a defect in the motorcycle. If we take your case, our attorneys will work with motorcycle experts to conduct a detailed investigation to gather evidence to prove the cause of the accident and place liability. Manufacturers will often try to circumvent liability and blame you or your loved one. At Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation, our attorneys will help protect your legal rights. We are here to ensure that manufacturers know that when they sell defective products to consumers, manufacturers will be held responsible.


We are here for you. Insurance companies are often trying to settle cases to provide the best outlook to their financial investors. When insurance companies settle cases for less money, the insurance company has more money. Our attorneys are here to protect your legal rights and make sure you are not settling for less.

We serve clients all of Southern California including Pasadena, Century City, and all of West LA.


Our attorneys pay attention to the details. The details in a defective motorcycle accident will make or break a case. Our attorneys provide 100% of their attention to each case. We are here to represent you and your loved ones. Our attorneys are diligent, creative, and persuasive advocates. When we are unable to reach a settlement, our attorneys are prepared trial. Call our law firm today at (310) 598-1719 for a free consultation.

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