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Defective Airbag Attorneys

In the years between 1990 and 2006 it was reported that more than 260 people had died through airbags that had deployed in crashes at low speeds. Air bags are usually added as supplemental devices and can save lives when deployed in the right manner. However, although the airbag can save lives, it can also lead to accidental deaths. Airbags are usually designed so that in crashes classified as moderate and serious, they can deploy, but there are some airbags that do not normally deploy if they are faulty. If a faulty airbag does not deploy, serious injuries can occur, and at the same time, if the airbag deploys at low speeds, it can also cause injuries. Some of the injuries that one may get due to air bag deployment may include blindness, trauma injuries, chemical burns, hearing damage, broken bones, and contusions.

Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation defective product Malibu lawyers normally work together with experts in forensics, engineering, and accident reconstruction. This is so that you can be able to effectively prove that a defective air bag was at fault in injuries that you sustained. You can help us prevent such accidents in future, since as long as defective airbags are still in use, then people will continue being hurt.

Small kids can be fatally injured by an airbag that has been deployed, and it is the reason Malibu laws prohibit children under 6, or those who weigh less than 60 pounds from being carried in the front of the car. If you have a child and they were injured by an air bag that was faulty, then get in touch with us at Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation and we will protect the rights of your child.

Victims who have been injured by faulty air bags are usually entitled to get compensation for the gross negligence of the auto maker. Costs that are brought about by the accident such as hospital bills, medicine, lost wages, and care services can be gotten in damages in a product liability suit. Emotional distress, lowered quality of life, and physical pain may also be compensated.

Lawyers in Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation only take a limited number of cases. In fact, we choose the cases that we want to take so that our resources can be used in the best manner possible. In addition, our lawyers will dedicate the same attention to your case, in the same way that they dedicated their time to the cases that they won. Our lawyers in Malibu will give up until you have gotten a full and fair compensation.

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