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Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys

People, who own property, need to keep visitors and guests safe from dangers, and dangerous conditions that they know about. When the said conditions cause accidents, the injured party is entitled to compensation. Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation injury attorneys from Los Angeles can be able to represent a victim who has been gravely injured in various accidents, like construction site slip falls, retail store falls, swimming pool area slips, nursing home falls, and slips, and even hotel fall and slip accidents. We are also aware that accidents that may cause serious injury can occur in almost any place including the shopping mall, school, sidewalks, and even in an office building. Our knowledge in premises liability law can help us get the maximum possible compensation for each client that we take on.

Premises liability law is an area of law that deals with all types of personal injuries, and deaths that might occur on land, a property, or even in a building. It is therefore a wide area of law that often causes confusion among members of the public.

A person should also be aware that not all accidents that take place on other people’s property are the fault of the tenant, the person responsible for maintaining it, or even the property owner. This is because some accidents are usually caused by the victim. For a person who has been injured in an accident to get compensation, the tenant, property owner, manager, or operator, needs to know that there was a hazard or a dangerous condition, on the property, and that a reasonable party would have been responsible enough to take action on the property so that accident could be prevented.

If you have a case, then the course of action will depend on a number of factors, including the location of the accident, the person in charge of the premises, and how the accident occurred. At times, more than one party may be held responsible. Accidents in post offices might impose liability on the federal government while accidents at school may hold the local government liable for the accident. An experienced, slip and fall attorney can be able to check the facts in your case, and tell you who is responsible.

Stairways are common locations for falls, and a fall down a flight of staircases can lead to grave injuries. If a property owner is aware of a dangerous situation, or has known about a condition for a long period of time, then the property owner will be held liable for any injuries sustained while on the staircase. Common causes of staircase accidents include neglect of staircases, missing or broken handrails, or presence of debris in the staircase. Lawyers from Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation have represented staircase victims successfully on a number of occasions.

In case you have been in a slip and fall accident, get in touch with us, and we will talk about your case. In the initial consultation, one of our experienced Los Angeles attorneys will review the facts of your case and answer any questions that you have on your legal rights, obligation, and options if you wish to pursue the case. All our consultations are free, and we will only charge if we get a compensation for you.

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