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Premises Liability Injury Attorneys

Laws in premises liability state that the possessor or owner of a property is liable for injuries that occur inside the premises, if certain conditions are present. Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common today and can happen in almost any place including retail stores, theatres, restaurants, schools, apartments, supermarkets, and even in other people’s homes. According to the National Safety Council and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, slip and fall accidents cause more than 17,000 deaths every year in the US, and on average they cost $940,000 in funeral expenses, lost wages, and medical expenses.

In case you get hurt in a fall and slip accident, and you believe that the accident was due to the property owner’s carelessness, then you need to get in touch with lawyers from Malibu. Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation attorneys can be able to represent you, and they can also be able to collect damages given to you for any injuries sustained in the accident. In case, the fall caused accidental death, they can be able to get compensation for the surviving family members.

For premises liability to apply in Malibu, the person who has been injured needs to show that there was negligence, or that a wrongful action was carried out by the owner of the property or current possessor. A court of law will need to look at the various considerations so that it can determine if the owner of the property is accountable for any injuries sustained by the victim.

If injuries sustained were caused by the negligence of the supplier, vendor, or contractor or any third party, then a victim can be able to hold accountable the third party in a lawsuit. Third party lawsuits are usually held at times when a victim can be able to hold the owner of the property liable, even though the injuries sustained were not caused by the property owner directly. The liability law on third parties, states that a property owner needs to control the action of the third party in their premises. In case, the owner of the property fails to uphold this, then they may be forced to compensate the injured party. Furthermore, an injured person can be able to file a third party liability lawsuit especially, if their actions were the main cause of injury sustained.

If your loved one or you have been injured in a fall and slip accident, a premises liability claim can be the best, way that you can be able to take any, legal action against a property owner. It is also a great way through which you can be able to get money for any expenses incurred due to injuries gotten. Lawyers at Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation will be able to advise you on the steps that you need to take to file a liability claim. By taking action promptly you can make sure that you receive dues so that you can cover any health costs, lost earnings and also payment for pain and suffering.

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