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Pedestrian Accidents

A pedestrian is killed every two hours in a traffic accident. A pedestrian is injured in a traffic accident every nine minutes. (See National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at  Have you or a family member been in a pedestrian accident? Injured victims and families of injured victims may be able to recover financial compensation from accidents where the driver or another party is found reckless or negligent.

Pedestrians killed or injured in accidents with motor vehicles vary in age from grandparents, adults, and often children. Regardless of whether the child was walking along the side of the road, on a sidewalk, or in a crosswalk, the result is often serious physical injury or death. Unlike a driver, who is hit while driving a car with the security of two to four doors, a pedestrian has only their body to absorb the impact.

Regardless of whether you were hit by a bus, a motorcycle, or a car, the process is incredibly traumatic. You may be thrown incredible distances by the impact; you may land on the hood, the windshield, or underneath the vehicle. Sometimes people are thrown into ravines, nearby traffic or surrounding buildings. Often pedestrians sustain broken bones, head injuries, organ damage, lung punctures, disfigurement, or death.

Causes of pedestrian accidents include drivers on cell phones, drivers under the influence of substances, speeding, illegal road maneuvers, missing a road signs or traffic signals, disregarding weather conditions, a defective road design, or a defective intersection design.

Were you crossing the street at an intersection? Many pedestrians are hit while crossing an intersection. Regardless of whether an accident occurs because the driver ignores the pedestrian right-of way, is texting, or making an illegal U-turn, you may be able to collect financial compensation.  At times, the intersection or crosswalk is in some way defective. When the intersection design contributes to your injuries, the party responsible for the intersection may be liable for your injuries.

Pedestrians and their families may seek compensation. Pedestrians and family members often recover when the injury occurred through no fault of the pedestrian. When a driver acted recklessly or negligently and caused or contributed to your accident or the accident of your family member, you may recover financially.

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