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Negligent Supervision Lawyers

Most people will usually leave their children in the care of child care experts so that they can get an opportunity to go to work. But young children are vulnerable, and if the entrusted party is not careful, the child may get injured. So, if you trust a person to look after your child, and the child suffers an injury caused by negligent supervision, whether at daycare, church, a hired babysitter, or even daycare, you are entitled to monetary compensation for the injuries that the child underwent, and also for any emotional pain that one went through.

Attorneys from Los Angeles at Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation have handled many cases that involve personal injuries, including negligent supervision, in school, day care centers, and foster homes.

Negligent supervision is not straightforward and it takes many forms, and based on the child’s environment, the injuries sustained from a lack of supervision can vary; as a matter of fact, fatalities and injuries are often caused by specific hazards on the child’s environment. For instance, a child may get grave injuries due to toxic cleaning agents, or loaded guns that are stored carelessly. Other hazards that may cause injury also include busy roads, swimming pools, hot tubs, hot liquids, electricity cords, and open windows. Abuse from other children, and dog bites may also cause injuries that might have been prevented by a chosen caregiver.

If you have felt that your child has been exposed to negligent supervision, then you should contact negligent supervision injury lawyers at Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation in Los Angeles and file your case. But in order to get monetary damages, it needs to be established that a teacher, the day care center, school or caregiver was negligent in your child’s supervision, and may have prevented a fatality or graver injuries sustained by the child. Our Los Angeles law experts can assist you to understand your legal rights, and offer an honest opinion of the value your case portends. Since these are some of the more challenging cases to litigate, it is important that you work with a personal injury law firm that has a proven track record of representing clients successfully, in negligent supervision cases that they handle.

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