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Asbestos Chemical Exposure Attorneys

Workers in construction sites are often put in direct contact with dangerous chemicals, which more often than not usually lead to long term health effects. It is normally the duty of the employer to protect the workers from any dangerous chemicals, and also train them on the best way to use them. If an employer abdicates this duty, then they will be violating safety regulations, and as such they may be held liable for any illness or injury that results because of the chemical exposure.

Workers who get injured due to a chemical accident never live the same life again. A worker’s life in construction is usually cut short due to an illness, and the relationships in the worker’s life can get affected due to the strain of the injury or illness. Although money may not be able to reverse the damage that an injury does, a fair settlement can help clear hospital bills and cover lost earnings, as well as help one deal with the pain they underwent. Accident lawyers in Los Angeles from Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation have the ability to pursue a case to its conclusion, and the aim of these lawyers is to always get maximum compensation from any case.

Asbestos are mineral fibers that are bundled and usually occur naturally. They are resistant to fire and heat and that is why they are often used in construction. However, when asbestos is inhaled by workers, the fibers may get trapped in lungs, and when they accumulate over time, they can cause inflammation and scarring to one’s lungs. In time, workers who have handled asbestos may find that they have serious illnesses such as breathing difficulties, mesothelioma, lung cancer, gallbladder cancer, lung damage, as well as damage to the throat, kidney and esophagus.

Benzene is another element used in construction, and it is colorless, highly flammable and can be made in the lab, but it also occurs naturally. This element is used in construction as a solvent in most paints, and produces nylons, rubbers, plastics and resins. When exposure to benzene is prolonged it can lead to various problems like headaches, confusion, tremors, rapid heartbeat and even unconsciousness. If the exposure is not stopped at this time, leukemia, anemia, a weakened immune system, and death may occur.

Lead poisoning is also another danger that construction workers often find themselves exposed to. Lead is found in pipes, batteries, paint and even in soil; therefore workers who often use welding machines, torches and sandblast metal items are usually at risk of exposure. Long term lead poisoning usually leads to problems like problems in the central nervous system, the hematological system, reproductive system, and the cardiovascular system.

Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation law practice has skilled Los Angeles lawyers who have a lot of knowledge in chemical poisoning and chemical injury law. We try to ensure that all employers adequately protect their workers from harmful chemicals so that they do not get poisoned like you were. We will inform you of all legal rights, obligations and choices that you have in the suit. We do not charge any consultations, and only charge if we are successful in recovering money for you in the suit.

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