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Construction Site Accident Lawyers

Q. Is there an exact figure of construction workers hurt on the job each year?

A. Construction is one of the most dangerous occupations today. This is because there are so many hazards that are found on a construction site, such as toxic chemicals, heavy machines, and power tools. Therefore, the chance of a person getting injured is quite high. In 2008, the Labor Statistics Bureau put the number of injured construction workers at 34,000 and of these, 120 died.

Q. Are there specific injuries that can happen to a construction worker?

A. In 2008, construction workers missed more than 14,000 days of work due construction related injuries. The injuries that are suffered most frequently by construction workers include severe gashes, broken bone injuries, limb loss, head injuries, hearing loss, cumulative trauma disorder, brain injuries, severed nerves, burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, coma, dislocation and infections. However, most of these injuries can be prevented if proper precautions are taken.

Q. Is there anyone mandated to ensure the safety of construction sites?

A. The Safety Occupation Health Administration is charged with this task. OSHA sets standard and regulations, and also offers training and education so that accidents, deaths and injuries can be prevented.

Q. What constitutes a case if I am hurt in a construction area?

A. Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation lawyers from Los Angeles can offer legal advice if you have a case, and what the best way to proceed with it would be.

Q. Am I entitled to compensation for the injuries that I received?

A. By filing a claim of personal injury, you can go after the negligent parties that caused the accident. The damages amount that you get is not constant, and it usually depends on various factors like the seriousness of the injury and the costs attached to the injury. The compensation that is awarded is usually related to lost wages, hospital bills, and pain. If a death occurred, then a claim for wrongful death may be put forward.

Q. Due to the accident, I have been visiting a counselor. Can this cost be added to my claim?

A. Accidents from construction sites can result in both emotional and physical injuries. Post-traumatic stress is a common result of people who have been hurt in construction accidents, and counseling is usually one of the best ways that a person can get well. So the answer is yes, mental health care costs can also be compensated.

Q. Will talking to a construction accident lawyer require a fee to be paid?

A. Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation lawyers do not charge any fees. These construction accident Los Angeles lawyers will discuss your case for free. We will advise you on the best legal choice, and any obligation that you have to meet.

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