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Construction Injury

One of the most dangerous jobs in the US is construction work. This is because quite often, workers have to work on inclines and really high elevations. Therefore, any worker in construction needs to have great balance, and also be able to work with their hands. However, if companies decide to save some cash, and ignore various safety procedures, and then this leads to an accident, the injured worker is entitled to get compensation for all their injuries. Most construction work injuries are usually dangerous and more often than not cause permanent disability.

Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation personal injury lawyers have represented a lot of construction work accident victims with injuries like broken bones, brain injuries, amputation injuries, varying degree burns, inhalation injuries and spinal cord victims. These Los Angeles lawyers are well aware that such injuries can change the way you live your life. Therefore, they will help you recover money which will be used to cover hospital expenses, loss of earning ability, and even the pain that one went through.

Most construction site accidents and injuries are easily preventable. Los Angeles lawyers from Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation are well aware of this, and it is the reason they work hard to ensure that the rights of all victims of construction work injuries are well taken care of.

The Labor Bureau Statistics say that scaffolding accidents are some of the most common in construction sites. In fact, 72% of all scaffold accidents were attributed to a weakened support, or a worker getting hit by a falling object, or slipping. Scaffolds are important since they are used to reach high heights in order to construct, maintain or repair elements. There are regulations that have been put in place by the US Labor Safety Organization (OSHA), and they are meant to reduce death and injuries.

In case a worker gets hurt in a site, they can get compensation from more than one party. These can be architects, contractors, manufacturers, and the site owner. So, if you get hurt during your employment, you are eligible to get compensated from the workers compensation benefits as well as from a third party who may have been involved. Get in touch with Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation construction lawyers in Los Angeles for a consultation free of charge.

The lawyer that you choose to represent you in an injury claim or wrongful death is important, since they ensure whether you win or lose. These Los Angeles construction lawyers have gotten millions in compensation for bystanders and construction workers in construction sites. Get in touch with us today so that we can talk with you about your case.

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