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Construction Accident Injury

One of the most dangerous industries today is the construction industry. This is because workers are often exposed to hazards that put them at a lot of risk, and injuries that are a result of construction work can change a person’s life for good. Furthermore, the subsequent hospital bills that follow the injury may place a lot of burdens on the family. Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation construction injury lawyers are aware that time cannot be reversed. However, these Los Angeles lawyers can get you fair and just compensation so that you will be able to get back to your normal life by getting compensated for lost wages, the pain that you went through, as well as have the ability to meet any medical expenses.

Injuries on the head are quite common in construction sites, and may leave workers with a lot of complications which need long term care or rehabilitation. Head injuries may include epidural hematomas, skull fractures, cerebral contusions, brain damage, subarachnoid hemorrhaging, and concussions.

Amputation can also be a result of trauma from a construction accident, and it may be so severe that a body part is cut off completely, or may be partial-when tissue still connects to a part of the body. There are many complications that may arise due to amputation, which include shock, bleeding and infections to the amputated body part.

In construction sites, burn injuries are also common, and they are usually a result of faulty electrical wiring and toxic chemicals. Burns on the body damage tissue and can lead to blisters, swelling, scarring, and at times death. In addition, due to the fact that the body’s protective barrier is burnt, the risk of infection is usually quite high. Therefore, burns in construction accidents can be quite severe.

Construction workers face potential burn injuries, head trauma and loss of limbs each day they go to work. These injuries usually lead to a lot of suffering, distress, and at times permanent disability if they get too serious.

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