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SUV Rollover Accidents

Annually, there are 4500 accidents involving an SUV rollover which causes death among people. Even though these kinds of accidents are not that common compared to other types; rollovers usually result in more fatal injuries. Rollovers vary in type; it can either be single vehicle accident or multi-vehicle accidents which basically involves a number of vehicles. Fatal rollover accident are usually the effect of some rear-end collision of those who suddenly shift lanes. Rollovers usually happen on highways and some street intersections especially on urban streets.

Vehicles prone to overturns are sport utility vehicles although all are not excused. This usually happens in an SUV than a passenger vehicle, but a pickup truck is the second of which is prone to rollover accidents. The aforementioned SUV’s have a narrow track width, heightened center of gravity, added weight, and other defective parts, with defective safety belts, back seats, tires and roll over protection is not maximized.

One of the major problems with SUV rollover accidents is the roof crush. The design of a vehicle roof does not cause accidents but injuries can be serious or fatal – namely, skull fracture and spinal cord injury. Sometimes if unfortunate, it can cause death. SUV’s don’t always have roll bars that support the vehicle’s roof that helps as a protection against roof crush during rollover accidents. However, there are other roofs that are not high quality guaranteed and this brings serious injuries during incidents.

Fuel-fed fire is also a risk when a rollover accident happens which damages the fuel system. If the accident itself doesn’t cause any serious injuries to the passengers in it, a fuel-fed fire might bring the unwanted catastrophe which can kill people. A fuel-fed fire is due to a leakage, this increases the possibility of fire. Vehicle manufacturers need to develop a safe system and place for fuel tanks. The integrity of this system should be strictly evaluated especially in cases of rollover accidents.

The following statistics are from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

SUV rollover accidents are solo vehicle accidents. So, if one owns an SUV, the owner can be proactive to minimize this accident to happen. NHTSA says that not all vehicles involved in rollover accidents are multiple vehicle. The driver should develop defensive ways to prevent this to happen.

Taking care of your tires – tires are the main thing that connects the car to the driveway or the road. As a driver you should always check the tire to make sure the pressure in each tire is alright. Have your tires rotated as per company’s instructions. Under inflation and over inflation, even damaged or over-used tires can minimize the driver’s ability to maintain the vehicle. Replacing tires when needed is recommended. Don’t drive too fast; one should know the speed limit, and keeping in mind if what they are going is the recommended speed limit or not. What decreases reaction time are the following: rain, fog, sun glare, or darkness. If the driver drives too fast this increases the tendency of the driver losing control over his vehicle which in turns causes a rollover. Don’t make sudden maneuvers. Doing maneuvers that are sudden and unplanned also can cause a rollover. If the situation calls for it, then try to slow down and get the vehicle back on the track, controlling the brakes.

Seatbelts help protect passengers and drivers in a vehicle. Buckling up doesn’t necessarily mean your accident free but this can decrease the chances of being thrown out of the vehicle in cases of accidents.

If any of your friends or loved-ones have been a victim of this type of vehicular accident, then one should coordinate with Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation to be able to discuss it. A number of rollover accident cases have been handled successfully. Los Angeles traffic accident lawyers can help recover or get financial assistance for personal injuries may it be serious or not and even death.

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