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Pickup Truck Rollover Attorneys

The first ever pick up assembly plant began in 1925, and back then, the pick up featured an adjustable tailgate, heavy duty rear springs, and a cargo box. Today, full sized, compact and mid size pick ups are more powerful than their predecessors, and there are trucks that have the ability to carry loads of more than 1,000 lbs. A good number of consumers are often of the opinion that a pick up’s size, and power, equals safety in case of an accident. However, statistics show that pick ups, are more likely to roll three times as much, than an averaged size passenger car. Two factors are usually looked at when checking the probability of a pick up rolling in case of an accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says these are the trucks’ stability, and how the pickup will maneuver in case of an accident. At times the tires, and suspension of a pick up can affect stability but most of the time the top heavy design is what usually matters since this is what affects a car’s ability to stabilize in case of mishaps on the road. This can be, making a sudden swerve, or when a driver experiences a tire blowout.

Injuries from Los Angeles Pickup Truck Rollovers

Many pick up passengers usually suffer from serious injuries due to inherent flaws in the roof designs of pick up trucks; and due to the collapse of the roof, most occupants in pick ups usually suffer from head and spinal cord injuries. At times, pick up rollover victims usually suffer from severed limbs, burn injuries, serious brain trauma, injuries to internal organs, paralysis, and even joint injuries.

What to do After You Have Been Injured in a Pickup Truck Rollover Accident

In case, you have been injured in a pick up truck rollover accident in Los Angeles, you need to get medical attention immediately. It is also important, that if you were not examined by emergency technicians at the accident scene, then you need to visit an emergency room as soon as you can. This is important because sometimes a serious life threatening injuries may not be visible to the untrained eye. When you are done with the doctor’s examination, you need to make sure that you get in touch with attorneys from Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation. We will ensure that you get top notch treatments, when undertaking the claim, and we will also make sure that you get fair and just compensation, for any costs that you may incur in future.

Protecting Your Right to Fair Compensation

Lawyers at Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation are passionate about dealing with pick up rollover accidents. We care about protecting your rights, and ensuring that you get fair and just compensation. We have been able to successfully recover compensation, from a number of damages from rollover accidents, and the claims usually cover lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills, and therapy bills. We serve clients all of Southern California including Pasadena, Century City, and all of Los Angeles. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and need legal advice, call our office at (310) 598-1719 today.


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