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Mechanical Defect

Defects in automobiles are actually more common than the public realizes. That is why lawyers from Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation are always on the lookout since more auto makers are recalling vehicles due to faulty auto parts. It is usually the responsibility of an auto maker to make sure that the vehicles that are provided to the public are safe and free of fault. However, a good number of companies often disregard this and put the lives of people who buy their vehicles in danger.

Lawyers from Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation have a proven track record in dealing with errant auto makers on behalf of clients. All clients are treated with a lot of care, so that comfort can be accorded to those who may have suffered due to the use of faulty motor cars.

In case a major auto maker disregards consumer safety so that they can make more profit, then the person who suffers from this, needs good legal counsel. Due to the wide range of risks that are presented by maker defects, or flaws in auto design, all of our lawyers understand that all cases are different and unique. Some auto makers assume that they will avoid taking responsibility when an innocent person is killed or maimed, but our team uses litigation that works, so that our clients can get maximum compensation for any suffering that they undergo from an auto defect accident.

Injuries that are gotten from auto accidents can be life changing in different ways. Escalating Medical and loss of wages due to the injuries often add more pressure to the person who has already been injured. In addition, the emotional and physical trauma that one suffers due to the accident can also lead to a lowered quality of life. Our experienced Malibu lawyers use a number of strategies that are creative and efficient so that the case can be fully understood in a court of law. Lawyers from Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation handle these liability cases on auto products successfully and you can be certain that you will not be the exception.

Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation staff helps all clients realize their rights, so that they can be able to ensure that all parties that are guilty are held accountable for their negligent actions. We are the foremost authority when it comes to product liability law and litigation, and our highly skilled attorneys are able to use all resources in their disposal including evidence, use of expert witnesses, and reconstructing accidents so that an accurate case may be created. In case a loved one has been hurt in an automotive accident attributed to negligence, then call our offices and get a free consultation that could turn your life and that of your loved one for the better.

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