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Intersection Accident Attorneys

The attorneys at Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation are experienced in handling car accidents in LA. They have handled numerous injuries and even deaths which rooted from accidents that usually happen at intersections. What are considered as one of the most dangerous locations on the highways are intersections, which all car accidents are most likely to occur.

Driver negligence results to a majority of accidents that happens at intersections, this includes cutting across traffic lanes when drivers want to make  a sudden turn, GPS device, drinking and driving, radio, inattention, suddenly changing lanes in the middle of driveways, speeding, distraction due to mobile phones, and not strictly following traffic signs.

Unfortunately, even the most defensive and extra careful drivers are not excused from these kinds of accidents because of intersection design and as well as the poor maintenance of these intersections. Not strictly following signs, views that have been hindered, and damaged traffic lights are some of the reasons why accidents at intersections sometimes causes fatal death and not just injuries. For everyone’s benefit and advantage, strict guidelines should be met in making or designing intersections in terms of travel and transportations, journey destinations, and pedestrian safety needs.

Engineers should take into consideration various factors in making and designing an intersection. These factors includes, the number of cars, pedestrians that uses the intersections, bicycles, traffic, operating speed, direction of the road, the longest possible walk time for a pedestrian to cross, and the largest vehicle that uses the intersection provided. Highway intersections should have four legs but some complicated intersections should have up to six legs. Engineers designing the intersection should also consider the hazards such as sunrise and sunset and other risk factors that put pedestrians and other intersection users at risk.

The agencies that designed and maintained the intersection, municipality, country or the state are held responsible for any accident at an intersection that causes death and injuries among citizens.

At an intersection, neglecting the presence of foot traffic in a crosswalk causes pedestrians to be at high risk of accidents because drivers are only focused on cars or other vehicles when they are turning; but this should not serve as an excuse to escape damage. The young ones are usually the common victims because drivers or motorist finds it hard to see them clearly especially when they run ahead of their parents when crossing an intersection. The elderly can also be victims because they take more time to walk and cross the road and drivers could not sometimes notice this especially when they are in a hurry.

Fatal injuries and even deaths among pedestrians results with accidents at traffic intersections. Side-swipe, side-impact, or t-bone collisions are the common type of intersection accidents. A passenger or any vehicle occupant may suffer from fatal injuries if a vehicle is not equipped with side-impact airbag. What easily cause a vehicle to overturn is side-impact type collisions which in this situation it involves SUV and trucks. Fatal injuries maybe gained as the result of intersection accident that includes concussions, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, burn injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

It is essential that a victim should receive full payment for injuries gained after an accident at an intersection. This includes all medical expenses, personal damages, pain and suffering. Before any victims accepts a settlement from concerned parties like an insurance company, the victim should protect oneself by talking and asking assistance of intersection accident lawyers to have an honest to goodness opinion about the case. Accidents vary and are unique with other accidents because of the different factors and reasons involved. If one would like to know about their rights following an accident contact attorneys for a free consultation.

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