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Head-On Collision Accident Attorneys

A head-on collision is when two vehicles collide with each other, and these types of accidents make up over two percent of all auto accidents in the US. It is true that in comparison to other accidents there are only less head-on collisions than other US auto crashes, but according to federal statistics head-on collisions cause a higher fatality rate than other types of accidents. So what is the cause of reoccurring head-on collisions?

By crossing the centerline or median of an oncoming vehicle path two vehicles can create head-on collisions. When any vehicle uses the wrong way of a road then head-on collisions may also occur. A number of head-on collisions result from driver negligence. According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System’s statistics, a number of drivers fall asleep at the wheel cause head-on collisions. For example, in some instances a driver falls asleep at the wheel and the vehicle is traveling at a fast speed and a head-on collision results after the road curves. Additionally, head-on collisions are often related to driving under the influence.

Our head-on collision attorneys in Los Angeles at Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation are always ready for the careful investigation about why and how an accident occurred. If we discover that recklessness contributes or negligence of a driver is responsible for the head-on collisions then we also hold the accounts of responsible drivers for the wrongful actions. It is not easy but a victim of serious injuries or all types of catastrophes can get compensation to recover the financial losses from the guilty drivers. To recover the loss of emotional, physical, and financial damages where lost wage bills, medical bills, therapy expenses, applicable loss of consortium, physical pain, disability and mental distress etc. . . may be included by financial compensation.

Motorists can get help to prevent possible tragic crashes from taking place by anticipating the places and situations where a head on collision took place. Head-on collision lawyers in Los Angeles at Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation are already proved as compassionate and caring lawyers for their records of success. We have protected the rights of our clients who were seriously injured throughout the state also for several decades. To obtain the maximum compensation for our clients is the main goal. To maintain this commitment our lawyers always keep the best interest at heart of the clients.

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