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Hazardous Road Accident Attorneys

A pedestrian accident, car accident, or a motorcycle accident can be caused by a hazardous road condition or a roadway defect. In these situations the injured victims get the chance to entitle the compensation from the designing or maintaining related agency of that roadway. For resulting deaths or injuries in preventable accidents for the reason of failure to maintain or perfect design of responsible countries, transit districts, cities or other related agencies they need to held accountable.

Although road designers, highway planners, and engineers are using their best efforts and intentions to keep the roadways of Los Angeles safe, there are still dangerous road conditions in Los Angeles. For a driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist can face anything related to possible danger, which may cause an accident. Roadway hazard examples include:

After an accident, if you think the accident was caused by a poorly designed road, freeway, or street then the maintenance agency of that road or highway may be responsible for their negligent maintenance.

As it is very difficult to resolve complex claims related to the design of the road and defect so you should hire an experienced and skilled attorney. As these claims are expensive to pursue, some attorneys hesitate to handle these claims. Moreover there are many experts that we will utilize to establish that the accident was caused by a condition in a roadway.

In these cases, you need to move quickly. Depending on your case, you may need to file within 180 days, so call an attorney today.  So you need to contact Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation today to arrange a consultation with one of our hazardous roadway accident lawyers in Los Angeles. We serve clients all of Southern California including Pasadena, Century City, and all of Los Angeles. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and need legal advice, call our office at (310) 598-1719 today.




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