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Burn Accidents

A burn injury may result in grave injuries or the death of a loved one. After a burn injury, families and their victims are usually left with so many questions. Questions on who is going to pay for the medical bills, how one is going to deal with insurance, and also how one is going to live since they are not able to earn any more. If you do not have a skilled attorney answering all these questions, it could be difficult to receive adequate compensation. Before you even make a statement to the insurance company; you need to talk to a burn injury lawyer to get the best advice for your case.

Burn injuries are common in accidents. Of all burn injury victims, half do not die from the actual burns, but rather from the inhalation of smoke in the fires. However, victims of indoor fires usually die from smoke inhalation. Fires that burn with little oxygen usually produce chemical compounds that are toxic and these may include carbon monoxide or other compounds that may lead to unconsciousness and even death.

Some of the symptoms of smoke inhalation include coughing, shortness of breath, and even unconsciousness. In case a burn injury is caused by someone else’s negligence, then the victims can get compensation from the person responsible.

For a person to get monetary damages in an injury law suit, the plaintiff needs to prove that the defendant caused their injuries. This can be proving liability due to negligence on defective products as well as dangerous premises.

A fair number of personal injury lawyers may be able to win burn cases. Nonetheless, not all are able to get maximum compensation for burn injury claims. Injuries caused by burns can lead to lifelong physical pain requiring medical assistance and treatment, so you want to work with an attorney that will be able to get maximum coverage. If we cannot get a fair amount of damages from the defendant then we will go to trial and put all our efforts to winning the case.

Lawyers from Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation will be able to protect the rights of all burn injury victims. We are able to offer a free consultation to review your case and answer all questions that you have and give you an honest review of the case. Since there is a statute on the case limits, you should not waste any time getting in touch us at Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation.

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