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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Brain Injury

Every year many people are admitted to the hospital due to carbon monoxide poisoning, and a good number usually die tragically from this odorless and deadly gas. Carbon monoxide is a gas that is created when fuels are burnt, and as such can be produced in the exhaust of pressure washers, trucks, brush cutters, chainsaws, and even water pumps. Workers who have been exposed to this gas may suffer permanent brain damage and experience severe symptoms. In fact, victims may not be able to live the same quality of life that they knew before.

Accident attorneys from Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation can be able to help victims of carbon monoxide poisoning with their personal injury case. The money that one gets in the suit cannot turn back time, but the monetary compensation that one gets can help the individual deal with medical bills, cover the lost wages, and also deal with the suffering. In addition, if you take action in a court of law, employers are usually stopped from neglecting the safety of their employees.

The main factors that add to the seriousness of the carbon monoxide poisoning are the amount of the gas in the area, the level of activity of the victim, as well as the duration of the exposure. For instance, an employee in construction can be able to work on a moderate level, and inhale large amounts of the gas, and not be severely affected.

Individuals who get exposed to carbon monoxide suffer from anoxic brain damage, or cerebral hypoxia, which is life threatening and quite serious. If a person is exposed to carbon monoxide their oxygen levels to the brain are lowered and this hinders the body’s ability to supply oxygen to the brain and body tissues, and can lead to the death of brain cells. If a victim is exposed to the gas for a long period of time (for more than five minutes and longer) a person loses consciousness and the anoxic damage to the brain becomes permanent. If however a person regains their consciousness, the symptoms presented may be those of a head injury. Effects of such damage may include loss of memory, limited ability to process visual info, headaches, muscle spasms, movement disorders, trembling, and a hard time performing routine tasks.

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