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Brain Injury Seizure Accidents

After a serious brain injury, one of the most devastating results can be the start of a seizure disorder, which is commonly referred to as epilepsy. Seizures usually occur due to brain activity that is regarded as abnormal. With each seizure, more damage to the brain may occur. There are seizures that can be controlled by a medication and may last for several years, but there are others that cannot be controlled by any treatment.

If you have suffered a traumatic head injury, you may get a seizure immediately after you get hurt, or you may not get one for a couple of months or a few years after you get the injury. A more serious brain injury will produce a greater risk that a person will develop a seizure disorder.

A large number of people often assume that seizures show themselves as the shaking of one’s body or physical twitching. Nonetheless, not all seizure symptoms are obvious or instantaneous. The symptoms vary and only a medical diagnosis will adequately determine the cause.

Seizures may be experienced for only a few seconds or the seizure may be had for a much longer period of time. This is especially true if the body is shaking a lot.

Seizures are a simply abnormal (electrical) occurrence of the brain. There are a number of seizure disorders that can occur in a person and each of the seizures presents itself differently based on the parts of the brain that are involved.

In case you experience any symptoms or signs of a seizure, you need to get the attention of a doctor at once. Even though the seizure you have may not respond to medication, your physician may teach you and your family the best way in which you can tell if a seizure is about to come and how you can be able to recover once you have been through it.

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