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Anoxic Brain Injury

If you suffer from anoxic brain injury this means that a person has gotten partial or a total loss of oxygen to their brain. The consequences of this can range from devastating to mild based on the duration that the brain did not have oxygen.

If you suffer anemic anoxia, it means that the blood supply to your brain isn’t carrying enough oxygen to support maximum function. This anoxia that is caused by high altitude and can only be experienced by pilots and mountain climbers.

Stagnant anoxia or hypoxia-ischemic injuries are the internal conditions that prevent blood that has been oxygenated from reaching the brain. Due to the fact that these conditions can come up quickly, these injuries may result in substantial damage to the brain.

Being exposed to the toxins that wreak havoc to the process of supplying oxygen to the brain can lead to toxic anoxia. Being exposed to carbon monoxide fumes are a common cause of the condition.

Almost all forms of anoxic brain damage can destroy important brain cells. There is a greater likelihood of your brain being totally destroyed with the duration that your brain goes without oxygen. A person in such a state may suffer from mental, cognitive, and physical disabilities. At first, a person may only suffer from unconsciousness based on the duration that you were starved of oxygen; this can last from seconds to minutes. A long duration of unconsciousness is usually referred to as a coma, which at times is usually hard to recover from. On the other hand, a person may suffer from a continuous vegetative state, which is different from a coma because a person is not conscious but can react to external stimuli.

Treatments for these forms of illnesses try to bring back the flow of oxygen to one’s brain in the fastest manner possible. When the brain is without oxygen for 5 minutes or more, this adds to the likelihood of increasing the damage to one’s brain as well as increases permanent brain damage. Once doctors have managed to restore flow back, treatments using barbiturates and steroids are used so that swelling and the healing of tissue that has been damaged can start. After all of this a rehab program is usually started. A good number of studies have shown that people who start working on the emotional, physical, and mental shortcomings quickly after the incident will usually have a higher chance of a full recovery.

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