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Boating Accident

A lot of people love spending time in the ocean or the nearby bodies of water. Although most boating outings usually happen with no incidents, there are some accidents that occur and lead to near drowning, broken bones, and at times death.

Lawyers from Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation can take on any cases that deal with boating accidents, and these can include accidents that were caused by failure to follow laws on safety, inattention by the operator, boating while under the influence, and even negligent care of the craft, as well as mechanical failure. Boating lawyers have been able to get back millions in settlements and damages for people who have been in boating accidents, and this also includes tourists who got hurt in accidents caused by boating.

The USA Coast Guard defines a boating accident as a collision, casualty, or accident that involves the disappearance or death of any person.  Often a boating accident will lead to medical care, losing consciousness, physical damage to property, or the loss of a boating vessel. Collisions with other boating vessels are the most common boating accidents. Other accident forms include falling overboard, grounding of vessels, and skier mishaps.

A third type of boating accident is caused by a boat operator who at the moment of impact was under the influence. Boating in Malibu while intoxicated or under the influence is a crime. In fact, it is assumed that there are many more accidents involving boats that occur, but most are not reported when an accident takes place, and when it is reported it is usually too late. If you have been the victim of an accident in a boat and you are certain that the operator was intoxicated at the time of the accident then you need to make sure that the harbor police, the coast guard, or any law enforcement agency responds at once.

The considerations of liability in boating accidents mimic those of car accidents. If the boat operator acts in a negligent manner and death takes place, or the boat passenger gets injured, a swimmer, or occupants of another boat gets hurt, the operator may be held liable in a court of law. However, depending on where the accident takes place, there are many things that will be factored. This is because if the accident takes place on the ocean, lake or river, maritime laws, waterway laws and admiralty laws may all apply.

Each accident that occurs is usually different from all the rest. The compensation that you get may depend on a number of factors like who was involved, where the accident took place, the extent of the injuries that you have and if the injuries affect your life. Lawyers from Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation are well equipped in handling boating accidents, and a person can expect to get the most out of their case if we proceed to trial. If you want to know more about boating accidents and what your options are then get in touch with us today.

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