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Bicycle Accident Law Attorneys

Both cycling and driving are classified nearly same when you are on a road. By giving exception for the policeman who is on duty, both drivers and cyclists have equal responsibility and the traffic rules apply equally upon them. All the cyclists have to follow the bicycle accident law that is defined by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) handbook.

The bicycle accident attorneys in Harrison Barnes, LLP know all the rules and also all the regulations in their state. They are always prepared in order to dismiss even a single question about cyclists’ characters or fault if the cyclists are innocent. We are always finding ways for securing our clients settlements and also all their verdicts by hard labor and highest effort. This settlement helps clients to be paid first for their previous medical costs, current medical costs and also medical costs that will come in future. This settlement helps to get earnings lost, payment to remove scars that become permanent, care on a long-term basis, pain that affects physically and also your mental problems.

If the cyclists are over 18, then the bike accident law of helmet wearing doesn’t apply to them. If the cyclist is under 18, they need to wear a helmet which has passed the standard of the American National Standard Institute or the standards that are kept by The Snell Foundation.

When you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is forbidden to ride a bicycle. If a cyclist is arrested under this law, they will be fined $250 and may be suspended of their driving license in case they are underage, says §21200.5 of the Vehicle Code.

The requirements of all bikes is to have are a brake that normally works on pavements that are clean and dry. The handlebars should be in the perfect place that is suitable for the cyclist. If the cyclist is a highway cyclist, he needs to hold his bike in a position that is upright when he keeps his balance with the help of one foot resting on the ground. When concerned about the cyclists who are night drivers, additional rules apply to them, including having a front light that can be seen even at 300 feet distance from the bike, both from front and side ways, and it should contain a red light at the back which will be visible from distance range of 500 feet.

To sit as a passenger on a cycle needs you to have additional attached seats. The bike must have a restraining seat if the passenger’s age is less than four years or forty pounds.

According to the § 22111, the Vehicle Code, it requires you to use your hand for making signals in certain situations. The signals should be at left hand side.

Contact a lawyer of Harrison Barnes, LLP, if you are planning for filling a lawsuit for personal injury. Personal injury claims made by you with filled under the limitations made by statute with a time frame given in order to ensure enough time to file your claim. Usually, claims are denied if the steps are not taken before the mentioned time.

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