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Asbestos, Silica and Mixed Dust: Mesothelioma

Our mesothelioma law firm will give you and your family the respect you deserve. We believe that every mesothelioma client is a person whose life has been destroyed by someone else’s negligence. We are extremely knowledgeable about asbestos and, in particular, mesothelioma. One of the most powerful weapons we can offer clients and prospective clients is information.

We are passionate about helping people affected by mesothelioma. If you’ve been diagnosed with mesothelioma, we will come to you — no matter where your location.

Asbestos liability is a growing concern among more and more businesses, as they suddenly find themselves entangled in litigation they had always assumed had no relation to them. It no longer matters whether asbestos products were manufactured or sold by the defendant. Indeed, companies which engaged in such pursuits are largely bankrupt. These days, liability is just as likely to be based on some extenuated corporate relationship with a former manufacturer; ownership of premises where such materials may have been present; or disturbance of such materials in the course of maintenance, repair or other contracted activities.

People need lawyers who not only appreciate the subtle intricacies of these new theories of liability, but who also have a solid historical knowledge of what has come before. When legal assistance is required to bring asbestos, silica, or mixed dust claims, no one can offer the combination of experience, economy, and quality provided by our firm.

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