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Amputation Injury

The loss of a limb or other body part is a life altering event. In addition to the trauma surrounding the accident, after an amputation, a person can incur psychological struggles.  Our clients often suffer from depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress arising from the accident. Further, our clients take on the emotionally and financially draining tasks of relearning tasks such as tying shoes, self-care, and caring for children or elderly parents.

An amputation injury claim may arise from a number of different accidents including car accidents, bicycle accidents, food service accidents, hospital accidents, or work-related accidents. Amputation injuries cover injuries resulting in finger amputation, a leg and arm amputation, and other forms of amputation.

Before you accept a settlement offer, it is important to talk to an attorney that understands your rights and how much you are legally entitled to based on your injuries. It is important you talk to a lawyer as soon as possible, because in California there are laws that limit the amount of time you have to pursue a claim. The time limits to file a claim vary from 180 days to 2 years.

At Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation, we offer you a free comprehensive consultation to review the facts of your potential case, address any questions, and explain your legal rights and responsibilities. Victims of a traumatic injury may be entitled to compensation for their injuries, including but not limited to, surgeries, medical expenses, loss of earnings, psychological care, medical and biomedical products, rehabilitation and therapy, loss of future earning capacity, transportation costs, emotional pain and suffering, and other accident related expenses.

After an amputation, rehabilitation will assist a patient with relearning life tasks. Rehabilitation may help patients build muscles, adjust to a prosthetic, and regain confidence in everyday life.  Rehabilitation and other ongoing medical care after an amputation injury are costly often taking a toll on savings accounts, credit reports, and other sources of financial security. We are not able to undue the accident, but we may be able to get you or your loved one the care you need through a settlement or judgment.

If you have questions regarding how you or a loved one will be able to meet your financial expenses after an injury or whether you are entitled to compensation for an injury contact our office at (310) 598-1719 for a free consultation.

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