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Prenuptial Agreeements

The thought of any prenuptial agreement might appear to be far from amorous. However, considering a prenuptial arrangement may grant you the chance to sort financial matters out in a logical way that brings you peace of mind. It is less nerve-racking to debate financial problems with a potential wife or husband than with your ex-spouse. If you are considering a prenuptial agreement, it is important to consult a legal advisor in the matter. We will go over all possible issues and draw up an effective prenuptial agreement that takes both sides into consideration.

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Our lawyers have worked on prenuptial agreements for many years. Prenuptial agreements have been most useful for people marrying later than expected in life, people who have accumulated a great amount of wealth, people who already have children, and anyone preparing for their next marriage.

For people entering a new marriage with children from earlier relationships, you can set up the prenuptial to direct the division of property to your children in the case of your divorce or death. This is important in the State of California because it is a community property state, meaning in the case of divorce, all marital property will be susceptible to division between the spouses. Thus, it is important that you ensure your child is protected as early as possible.

The prenuptial agreement offers predictability, stability, and safety for the assets against the possibility of a high net-worth divorce proceeding. You can relax a little more knowing your financial issues are dealt with beforehand in the prenuptial agreement.

Postnuptial agreements permit married people to create agreements after they are already married. Spouses who are not content with California divorce laws often make postnuptial agreements to arrange a harmonious division of income and property.

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