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Mediation and Collaborative Law

Most people are familiar with the dramatic movie interpretations of what happens in a court room during divorce proceedings. But many individuals would be surprised to know that there are other solutions to divorce proceedings without them actually having to be settled in a courtroom.

Mediation is one of the most common and effective methods in dealing with divorce proceedings. If you ask anyone who is going through a divorce, you will find that most of them want it to be done quickly and quietly with little to no fanfare. Divorce is stressful without having to worry about things getting messy.

We believe that mediation is much more effective than litigation because it allows both parties to make constructive decisions rather than a courtroom judge. These decisions can range from dealing with custody of children to who gets to keep the family dog. All of these things can be handled effectively in the mediation process.

It is also good to know that there is absolutely no risk in attempting to start with mediation rather than court. If the settlement resulting from mediation is unsatisfactory and an agreement cannot be reached, you can choose to then proceed with litigation in court.

One of the first things we do is offer mediation between the parties involved. A neutral third party can help deal with disagreements that inevitably arise in divorce and in particular, where children happen to be involved. We find, more often than not, that a successful settlement agreement is often made. We counsel our clients on different legal strategies for workable agreements that deal with custody and visitation, all outside of the courtroom. After our work is done, we can refer you to a family counselor to help you heal and recover from the stress of divorce.

We also offer independent mediation services in cases of divorce where we have not represented either party. In such cases, we engage both spouses with the goal of achieving an agreement that is accepted by both parties successfully.

In many instances, collaborative law is also something that we do. Basically, collaborative law is another amicable approach to dealing with divorce-related issues and concerns. The primary requirement is that both parties understand that they must agree to participate fairly and not end up in court. It is important to note that, in using this approach to divorce, the attorneys on both sides must be collaborative law attorneys.

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