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Elder Divorce

Although there is a general decline in the national divorce rate, divorce cases between elders who have been married for decades are on the rise. This phenomenon is sometime referred to as “gray divorce.”

The 2005 U.S. Census Report indicated that 12.4 % men and 15.4 % of women over 45 years old were divorced. By 2008, the U.S. Census reported that 25% of recent divorces were between couples married for over 20 years. The 2008 Census also reported that 51% of divorced people were baby boomers.

Some of the more established causes of gray divorce are:

While many of these issues might be apparent earlier on in the marriage, many spouses avoid divorce for the sake of their family or at least until their children become adults.

Furthermore, because life expectancy has increased dramatically, couples that divorce after decades of marriage still have many years left to start over. With this time and possibility, many choose to get out of their unhappy marriage and start a new life.

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