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Division of Property During Divorce

California is a community property state. This implies that all assets obtained during the marriage, including the appreciated value of assets introduced into the marriage, are regarded as an aspect of the ‘marital pot’. Splitting this pot fairly in the occurrence of divorce can be complicated without the support of an expert California divorce lawyer.

At our law offices in Malibu, we assist individuals throughout Malibu and its surrounding areas, providing skilled, specialized legal representation related to the division of assets in divorce. The lawyers of our firm are professionals in family law. We can work out a negotiated agreement through mediation or can help you in court to get the best agreement possible in your case.

The division of assets and financial obligations involved in a marriage includes:

We have forensic accountants and other specialists to value retirement plans, stocks and similar investments, homes and other properties, and business assets and liabilities. Even though we empathize with our clients, we do not think twice about putting up strong, sometimes heated, resistance to the opposition if we deem it necessary. Our aim and mission is to obtain outcomes that are in line with the desire of our clients.

If you have any queries related to properties and their division in your divorce, contact an expert asset division attorney at our Malibu law office today for a completely free consultation.

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