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Child Visitation Modification

Most of our clients who have children and are currently going through child custody issues are wonderful and loving parents. Their ultimate goal is to do what is best for their children to ensure they have everything that they need. However, in situations such as a divorce, it is often hard for parents to decide what is best for the children due to the stress of what is happening between spouses. Child custody is a primary point of contention when it comes to family law. No matter how much a child is loved, it can be quite difficult to decide on a course of action to take regarding their well-being.

We guarantee that we will do everything possible to advocate vigorously for you. Our law office boasts years of experience and can offer you competent and passionate representation. We will do all we can to make sure that you and your children’s rights are protected.

There are times when parents going through a divorce, especially painful ones involving children, are unsure about the legal terms in regard to child custody law. Due to our extensive experience, we can competently explain your rights as parents and we will offer legal advice and expertise on how to help you create a flexible schedule that is beneficial to you, your children and the other parent involved. We are highly experienced in working out schedules for work, school, and activities. We even discuss holiday visitations, vacations, weekend custody, and any road blocks to a mutual agreement. Our goal is to help all parties involved get an outcome that is workable and beneficial to not only the parents, but the children involved.

In California, legal custody (Family Code § 3003) is generally shared by both parents. This is the case even if the children live with one custodial parent. This essentially covers things such as the education, welfare, and healthcare of a child who is a minor.

According to the California Family Code § 3004, physical custody refers to the living arrangement of the child. Most of the time, one parent has the primary custodial rights over the child. That essentially means that the parent with whom the child lives with has supervision rights and the other parent has visitation rights. If the child lives and spends an approximately equal amount of time in both homes, the parents are said to have joint physical custody.

The Superior Court of the State of California will provide free mediation services for parents. This is referred to as a conciliation court. We also have services that will help you be prepared for your conciliatory court session.

There are times, however, when one individual is understandably emotionally charged, and cannot or simply will not be agreeable in the process of divorce. In situations such as these, please know that we will aggressively protect the rights of you and your interest.

We are an experienced firm of family lawyers and have a proven track record of helping many people with visitation and custody issues. And we would like to help you. Please contact our Malibu offices to schedule a free consultation.

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