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Child Custody and Relocation

Even the best child custody plan is subject to change according to changes in the parents’ circumstances, such as parents moving for job-related reasons, parents in the military, or parents dealing with other family matters. In California, the supervising court has to be notified if the change will have a substantial effect on a parent’s custody rights.

It’s important to consider steps to safeguard parents’ rights if either parent relocates away from their child, especially when the relocation affects the time a parent can spend with the child. In the case of a parent moving away, the court will modify the child custody arrangement to better suit both parents as well as the child.

When making changes to an existing child custody agreement, a court will take into account the motivations for the request to change the agreement (if someone would like to transfer to rebuke the other parent or guardian or to taint the relationship between the child and parents). Whenever one of the parents wants to move and take their child with them, several factors are considered, including:

A court can consider additional factors in a case, depending on the circumstances. It is important that the parent, whether they are the one seeking relocation or not, produce sufficient evidence to support their argument. An experienced family lawyer can help make these arguments in a clear and effective way.

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