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Our law office represents clients from the Malibu area and its surrounding cities. We help with issues such as spousal support, modifications to established child and spousal support agreements, and other divorce-related matters. Our practice is truly dedicated to the practice of family law.

A court could order monthly payments from one spouse to support the other spouse during a divorce proceeding. Such payments were formerly known as ‘alimony’. The term now used is ‘spousal support’. According to factors outlined in § 4320 of the California Family Code, spousal support may be continued after the conclusion of the divorce. It should be known that spousal support differs from child support, and is paid in addition to any child support that is awarded.

Either one of the spouses can be made responsible for paying spousal support to the other. In marriages that lasted less than ten years, the typical spousal support will last for half the duration of the marriage and is known as temporary alimony. In marriages that lasted ten years or more, alimony can be awarded on a permanent basis (permanent alimony) until death or until the spouse remarries.

There are certain factors that come into play before a set amount of spousal support is determined to be awarded. The factors that have to be taken into consideration for each individual are income and earnings, the capacity for earning, age, the health of the individuals involved, and the obligations and assets of both parties among other things. All these things are taken into serious consideration by the presiding judge before any payment of spousal support is awarded.

For any questions you may have about spousal support, be it temporary or permanent, or if you have any questions regarding the post-decree modifications to agreements of support and court orders, please contact an experienced lawyer and schedule a free consultation at our Malibu law office.

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