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Q & A Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys

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Q. Are there specific numbers of people affected by abuses in nursing homes?

A. No exact figures exist on the number of nursing home patients affected by abuse each year, since national data does not exist. However, estimates point out that many patients face abuse every year. A study by NCEA in 2000 showed that 400,000 elder abuses were reported in the whole country. However, accurate statistics on abuse are not there because most abuse cases are not usually reported.


Q. How do nursing home residents get abused?

A. Nursing home patients are abused in a number of ways, including emotionally, sexually, physically, and even financially. Abuse can take place in many forms, but the most commonly reported, include sexual assault, or molestation, insulting, beating or berating a patient, over medicating, or under medicating a patient as well as exploiting or stealing from a patient.


Q. How can you tell that a nursing facility patient is abused?

A. Signs that show if an elderly resident in a nursing center is being abused are many. But depending on the abuse form, it can be hard to detect abuse, or it can be quite obvious. For instance, emotional abuse can be quite hard to prove since verbal tactics are used to carry out the abuse. Also, a lack of signs of abuse usually makes it hard for a person to tell when abuse is taking place.


Q. Are nursing homes required to, have records of the care given to patients?

A. State and Federal legislation require that all nursing homes and nursing care facilities carefully have info on the care that any patient receives.


Q. Is it advisable to talk to the rep of the nursing facility who alerted me on the abuse of my loved one?

A. Talking to the rep before you have spoken to your lawyer first is not advised. The rep’s job is to safeguard the interest of the nursing home; therefore they will not have the best interest at heart when you talk to them. A nursing facility abuse lawyer from Southern California can be able to advise you on the most appropriate legal path to take, and they will also be in charge of any discussions you have with the nursing home’s representatives.


Q. How long after filing an injury claim for a loved one will it take to complete?

A. Nursing facilities abuse reports are serious, and usually warrant thorough investigating, since medical records are usually scrutinized and this can take a long time. Legal experts caution against settling quickly since an injury can get worse with time, and this may lead to additional treatments. Southern California nursing abuse lawyers can assist you get compensation for both present and future treatments for your loved one, and this can also include physical therapy exercises, as well as compensation for pain experienced.


Q. Can I hire a lawyer if I cannot afford one?

A. Personal injury attorneys, work on a dependant based feeing system. This means that you will not be charged any fees until you get monetary compensation from the case. By calling lawyers from Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation in Southern California, you will be getting the best nursing facility abuse attorneys today.

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