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Drunk Driving Accident Injury Victim

Including drunk and also drugged drivers, car and bicycle crashes, car and motorcycle crashes, rollover crashes, underage drivers who are drunk, and collisions made head on, car vs. pedestrian accidents are something we can help you with. We accept a limited number of cases. This helps us to understand the cases precisely and understand the need of clients. Among our cases, many of the cases involved first time clients. We try our best to make the legal process smooth for them and we can ensure that we will exceed their wants.

The more severe the injury the more serious the results of the accident are. If the accident occurs by a driver who is drunk, the victim may suffer from serious injuries which may affect more than just his physical system. This leads to more health problems. He will need extensive surgeries, intensive care and therapy in a physical and psychological way.

If the injury is catastrophic, then it will have a long effect on the life of a victim and might reduce his life span. Head injuries, burn injuries, amputation injuries, quadriplegia, internal organ, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and even wrongful death are included as part of a catastrophic DUI accident injury.

The passenger sitting in the car which is being driven by driver who is drunk may be seriously injured. He may suffer from injuries such as broken bones, blunt trauma and laceration, scrapes, and bruises. These lead to infection and sprain.

If the driver is intoxicated then severe trauma injury can result when a collision happens. This may include injuries related to blunt trauma like abdominal trauma that may tear the internal organs in the abdomen. This includes the head, neck, back or chest, as any section can be disturbed by blunt trauma injury.

At Harrison Barnes, LLP we are among the top law firms for injury and can help you achieve victory even in the most complicated cases. Our attorneys can help victims get million dollar verdicts or settlements that can help their economic or other damages. Medical expenses and rehabilitation expense, loss in companionship, reduced quality in life, loss of consortium, physical pain or emotional suffering also contribute to economic loss. We can even help victims who don’t have insurance and have suffered from accidents caused by drunk drivers.

Our approach at Harrison Barnes, LLP is very simple: the right preparation brings the right results. We try our best to prepare a case by assembling group experts related to this particular field, medical experts, bioengineers, forensic experts, life-planning experts and vocational experts. Through this process we ensure that it will have a clear and unwavering plan in order to get the best possible results for all our clients.

Harrison Barnes, LLP DUI accident injury firm deals with complex DUI accident cases which are concerned with personal injuries and wrongful death filed cases on the fee based on contingency. This means that as long as we can’t win it for you we won’t charge you! Call us at 310.598.1719 for a free consultation. In this consultation we will help you to learn that how can we help to keep the intoxicated driver responsible for wrong doings done by them and we help you to secure as much as needed in a financial point of view. For knowing more about drunk driving accidents, please visit our DUI accident resource links page and our FAQ page for DUI.

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