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Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Drivers who decide that they will drive while impaired or intoxicated are a danger, not only to themselves, but to everyone they share the road with. Drunk drivers in Los Angeles cause more than 1,000 auto fatalities every year. Thousands more usually suffer serious injuries such as traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, as well as bone breakages. Although since the 1980s, the percentages of injuries related to alcohol have steadily fallen, drunk driving continues to be a major problem. This, to the person who becomes disabled for life, or a parent who loses a child, is still not enough. Car accidents caused by drunk driving need to stop.

DUI often refers to crashes that are related to alcohol, but this is not always the case; driving under the influence accidents may include any accident in which a person has impaired ability to operate a motor car safely. Therefore, narcotics, prescription medications, amphetamines, analgesics, prescription sleep aids, and marijuana can all lead to a DUI charge. Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation is interested in seeing that justice for all victims of a DUI accident is served. We believe that any person who causes accidents and recklessly disregards human life, causing injury, should be held accountable, and liable for – the easy to prevent injuries and suffering that they caused.

California Vehicle Code Section 23153 sets the statute on drunken driving and causing bodily harm. It states that it is unlawful for any person to operate a motor car while under the influence of any drug, or alcoholic beverage, or a combination of both; or at the same time carry out any act forbidden by law, or neglect any duties that have been placed on them while driving a car, and which actions or neglect may cause bodily harm to other people, apart from the driver. Other sections of this comprehensive code talk about laws involving drivers of commercial vehicles, blood alcohol limits, laws that govern probation, use of prescription drugs, sentencing provisions, and even use of court-ordered ignition interlock devices.

Therefore, all drivers have a responsibility not to drive drunk. Nonetheless, in some cases, liability for a death or injury in a DUI accident usually goes beyond the driver. For instance, if a pub or club gives alcohol to a minor knowingly, and then the underage causes an accident while under the influence of alcohol, then the bar or club will be held liable. In the same manner, if a drunk driver causes a car accident while driving the company car, the employer of the drunk driver will be held liable. In fact, in some city and county social host laws, adults who give alcohol to minors who then go on to cause car accidents may be held liable for the accidents. So, if you have been in an accident, it is advised that you talk with a Los Angeles attorney who is experienced and specializes in car accidents.

At Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation, we understand the legal issues that come out in wrongful death claims, as well as in injury claims. Our experienced Los Angeles drunk driving accident attorneys have a proven track record of getting maximum payments and rulings for victims of DUIs. We, in addition also handle uninsured motorist claims in which drunk drivers did not have auto insurance. So, if members of your family or you yourself have been involved in any motor accident caused by drunk driving, then get in touch with us, and we will discuss your case in a charge free consultation. If we handle your case, we will not also charge any fees unless we get a settlement for you.

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