Erwin Chemerinsky, the Most Influential First Amendment Scholar in the United States, Submits Amicus Brief in Support of Harrison Barnes

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Malibu, CA ai??i?? Harrison Barnes, the founder and principal of Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation, is currently involved in a case in front of the Supreme Court of Texas where the most influential First Amendment scholar in the United States, Erwin Chemerinsky, has assisted our side by submitted an amicus brief.

On February 6, 2014, Erwin Chemerinsky and Professor Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky, experts in First Amendment and Internet law, urged the Supreme Court of Texas to rule in favor of Harrison Barnes in the lawsuit Kinney v. Barnes. Professor Erwin Chemerinsky is the founding Dean and Distinguished Professor of Law, and Raymond Pryke Professor of First Amendment Law, at the University of California, Irvine School of Law. He has frequently argued matters of constitutional law in front of the nationai??i??s highest courts, including a United States Supreme Court decision involving injunctions in defamation cases. In addition, Professor Lidsky has written extensively on issues of Internet free speech, cyberbullying, and defamation and other privacy torts, including the article, Silencing John Doe: Defamation and Discourse in Cyberspace, 49 Duke L.J. 855 (2000), which was referenced by Kinney in his brief to the high court (but note Professor Lidsky submitted an amicus brief in support of Harrison Barnes ai??i?? not Kinney).

Kinney was an employee of a legal recruiting firm run by Harrison Barnes. Barnes terminated Kinneyai??i??s employment because Kinney devised an unethical kickback scheme, attempting to pay a law firm under the table to hire one of his candidates. Several years after his termination for attempting to bribe someone, Kinney posted a variety of statements disparaging Harrison Barnes and his companies. Instead of using his real name, Kinney lied and used the name ai???Albertai??? to disguise his identity. After years of investigation and litigation, Barnes was able to learn ai???Albertai??? was Kinney. Despite Kinney hiring a well-known attorney to try and keep his identity secret, Kinneyai??i??s identity was ultimately ordered released by two separate courts.

Harrison Barnes contended that these statements constituted defamation and subsequently filed suit against Kinney in California state court for ai???anonymously maligning Barnes and his companies In August of 2007, a publication owned by Harrison Barnes posted a non-defamatory news item on his website, JD Journal, about the California litigation. This news item reports the allegations made in the California suit, including the history of the employment relationship between Harrison Barnes and Kinney, Kinneyai??i??s termination, Kinneyai??i??s establishment of a business designed to compete with Harrison Barnesai??i?? legal recruiting firm, and Kinneyai??i??s decision to post maligning comments about Harrison Barnes and his companies on a website.

Claiming that these statements about the California litigation constituted actionable defamation, Kinney responded to the JD Journal posting by filing a lawsuit against Harrison Barnes for defamation seeking injunctive relief. Both the trial court and the court of appeals in Texas have thrown out Kinneyai??i??s case on the grounds that even assuming arguendo that Harrison Barnesai??i?? posting on JD Journal was defamatory (which it is not), that the injunction requested by Kinney would violate the Texas Constitution because it would act as a prior restraint on and infringe upon Harrison Barnesai??i?? First Amendment Rights to free speech.

The Texas Supreme Court is expected to rule in Kinney v. Barnes soon, and experts in First Amendment and Internet law have urged the Court to rule in Harrison Barnesai??i?? favor and dismiss Kinneyai??i??s defamation lawsuit.

Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation attorneys have ample experience in defamation, internet, and First Amendment law, as well as general litigation, employment law, release estate transactions and litigation, bankruptcy, divorce and family law and criminal law. Harrison Barnes, A Professional Law Corporation will continue to fiercely defend the rights of their clients.

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Erwin Chemerinsky, the Most Influential First Amendment Scholar in the United States, Submits Amicus Brief in Support of Harrison Barnes by


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