Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney Who Specializes In Drug Charges

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In many cases marijuana users can benefit from a criminal defense attorneys services. A public defender will not be able to provide an adequate defense where the outcome is positive for the offender. In some states marijuana is legal to some point, such as the use of medical marijuana. A public defender will advise you to plead guilty to make the charge go away, but a simple possession charge can easily be lowered to a misdemeanor by a criminal defense attorney. They are working for you, and a retainer is paid by you. When you use a public defender, it is at no cost to you, so they really have no erex professional von sildenafil reason to see that you get the lightest sentence or charge possible. The first marijuana possession offense is usually a misdemeanor and may result in a fine of a couple hundred dollars. The 2nd marijuana charge if not fought correctly could cause you to have a felony added to your record, with the possibility of 3 years in jail. A criminal defense attorney can help see that you avoid jail time altogether.

How Does A Felony Charge Affect You In The Long Run

A felony charge can have serious repercussions for years to come. For instance, you lady era pills will not be able to vote in elections, that right is taken away from you when you are convicted of a felony. Most employers will do background checks, and if you have a felony charge you may have trouble becoming employable. If you receive any type of drug charge you will never be able to get a government grant or financial aid for college. A criminal defense attorney can get you the best possible results when you are suspected of any type of drug related charges.

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