Legal Help for Custodial Parents

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There are already locator services that help custodial parents in collecting the owed money. Oftentimes, such services offer free legal help to let the parents understand the family law.

Non-custodial parents who abandon their obligations are quite common these days. The federal law can intercept tax refunds in order to enforce child support. Aside from that, there are also other ways for enforcing child support from your ex-spouse like wage attachments, suspending occupational or business license, seizing property, and revoking the driver's license. These methods can be used to locate the ex-spouse who refuses to provide child support.

If the divorced couple lives in separate states, the revised RURESA will enforce payment from the non custodial parent. This will be done court to court. However, this method requires payment. If you can find an assistance group in your local area, perhaps you can avail of such service for free. If this is your method of enforcing payment, you will have to wait for some time because this process is complex and is regarded as a low priority case.

Many families can't afford the expensive legal help and so they can seek assistance from free legal services. You can also sue your ex-spouse if he or she willfully refuses child support according to the CSRA (Child Support Recovery Act). If your ex-spouse can't provide a reasonable explanation, he or she can be imprisoned. However, most states don't resort to this option because the ex-spouse will be able to support the child one way or another when he or she is not in jail.

The most important thing now is for the custodial parent to know more about the family law. Don't be ignorant about the law because this is your ticket for getting the proper child support for your child or children.

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This matter can't be handled without legal help so you need to consult the right organizations and attorneys. Again, there are free legal services out there for those who can't afford to pay for private services. Take advantage of the free services now so that you can oblige your ex-spouse to support your child/children. Perhaps the only way to enforce child support is by legal means; so don't waste time by doing nothing. You have to act now because you have your rights and your kids as well.

There are also legal self help services online that you can check out. You might be able to find useful information resources that can be of good use to you and your family. You and your kids have gone through a difficult time, and perhaps your ex-spouse as well; but that doesn't mean that you can't enforce him or her to provide child support.

Seek legal help now so that you can address your problems right away.

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